Understand The Basics Of Tennis And How To Start

It is true that not sports are not treated as the source of entertainment or recreation. In fact, they have now some wider dimensions. Moreover, they have achieved higher stature in the world. Now, every game has a governing authority and the authority sets the rules. Similarly, tennis being a popular sport is no exception. The game has its own rules and regulations.

However, before playing the game, you should understand the tennis rules first. Talking more about it, the rules were first initiated in 1924. In details, it is the International Tennis Federation who makes the rules and assisted by Rules of Tennis Committee. So, let’s have a look at the rules of tennis.

Rules Of Tennis That You Should Know About

Tennis Game
Tennis Game

Before going into details, remember that the tennis rules for double and single matches are different. However, here are some general rules and regulations related to tennis.

General Rules Of Tennis Game

  • The ball should land within the boundary to continue playing. However, if the player hits the ball outside of the boundaries, then he/ she will lose a point.
  • While playing the game you can touch the net or go to your opponent’s side.
  • You are not allowed to carry the ball or catch the ball with the tennis racket.
  • You can’t hit the ball two times.
  • Before hitting the return shot, let the ball passes the net.
  • If you do not return the ball before it bounces two times, you will lose a point.  
  • When you hit the ball and it touches the player, that will count as a penalty.
  • If your racket leaves from you hand of if you use verbal language, it is a penalty,
  • As per the tennis rules, a ball that bounces on the lines of the boundary are safe.

Counting The Scores

Tennis Game
Tennis Game

Counting the score in this sport is quite tricky. However, the server’s point announced first and then the receivers. Talking about the point system, it is as follows:

  • No points are treated as love.
  • 1 point scored will give you 15 points
  • 2 points scored means you have 30 points
  • 3 points scored is equal to 40 points
  • When you successfully earn 4 points, then you are the winner.

To win the game you must win the match with a two-point lead.

  • If the score is the same for both the players, one player must obtain two consecutive points to win the game. Such a situation is called Deuce.  However, a player who has an extra point loses a net point, it will be Deuce again.
  • You can win the set by winning six games with a two matches advantage over your opponent.

The tennis rules cover all the aspects of tennis, for example, its court, fixture, tennis balls, rackets, serving, scoring system and more. Besides, there are separate rules for singles and doubles game. Moreover, the rules can also vary with types of tournaments. But the important thing you must understand all these rules in order to play fair tennis game. So, read them and understand them.

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