4 Important Gears You Need To Get For Your Table Tennis Gear Australia

table tennis gear australia

There are several outdoor games which you can enjoy with your friends. You can even work hard on them and take them to a different level. You can practice a lot and take part in various national and international events. In many, there is one such sport that has gained so much popularity, which is table tennis. There are many legends and expert players who made these games attractive and popular. But, you cannot play these sports without the proper Table tennis gear in Australia. If you want to succeed in your sports, then you have to make sure that you have all the required gear for that sport.

Today we will see some of the table tennis gear Australia which a table tennis player must have with them while playing this game.

Ball An Important Table Tennis Gear Australia

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This is one of the essential parts of table tennis gear. The ball used in the game weighs 2.7 grams. It is a small celluloid ball, either orange or white. These balls come in various qualities, and the ball with three stars is the best and used by beginners. Also, it comes with a variety of sizes, such as 38 mm to 54 mm. Usually, in all international events; a ball with 40 mm is used.

Rubber, Racket, Or Paddle

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It is another most critical part of the game, and the player uses it to hit the ball on the table. It is almost of the same shape as in Tennis but very small in size. It is made up of Rubber and plastic and divided into two parts, the blade and handle. The amount of material used in the racket decides how many spins you can give to the ball. For beginners, you can use the premade ones rather than the customized ones.

Table Tennis Table

It is the platform on which the game is played. It comes in different colors such as blue, black and made up of hardboard. The surface of the board is made very smooth, which can reduce friction. These tables are so designed to hold that strength and can be folded from the center to avoid any kind of damage to it.

Net And Post

It comes with an exact size of six feet long and six inches wide. It has 15 mm of white tape. It also includes an assembly that can be attached to the middle of the table tennis table.

There are a number of table tennis gear Australian accessories that you must have to start playing your game. Apart from these accessories, there are many equipment and accessories that you just have to enjoy your game. Things like shoes, clothing, and some other accessories can help you make your game more enjoyable. All these gears are easy to use and maintain, which you can even carry with you anywhere as the racket and ball are of tiny size. There are many sporting brands who work on it to manufacture the best tool for professional players.

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