4-Phases Tennis Fitness Training Program To Build Endurance

tennis fitness training

Tennis needs power and endurance and conceivably the strength to take you over a long three-setter or five sets. Combining endurance, power, and strength can be challenging to achieve. However, for professional players that use weights in their preparation, which is very common nowadays, tennis fitness training is divided into seasonal phases for better outcomes. Every phase has different aims, and every succeeding stage builds on the previous one. It is also called periodization.

How Periodized Curriculums Work

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Unlike baseball or football, you can easily play tennis all day – outdoor or indoor. Thus, this is how weight training may look if your tennis program is followed by an “off-season or closed season, and you require to develop and then take specific time off.

Early Pre-Season

During this session time, people are preparing for the session and start development after a break. So, here you can achieve muscle strength and building functional strength too.

Phase 1 Exercises:

sled hack squat, dumbbell squat, or Barbell squat

Romanian deadlift

Dumbbell triceps extension

Lat pulldown with a wide grip

Dumbbell bent-over row

Cable woodchop

Reverse crunch

Late Pre-Season

In this stage, players are prepared to start the sessions. During the pre-season, the target is to building maximum power.

Phase 2 Exercises:

dumbbell hang clean or Barbell

One arm cable raises each arm

Medicine ball push press

Cable push-pull

Cable woodchop

Medicine ball standing twist with partner or alone

In Season

In this stage, regular recreational tennis and competitions in ongoing, and you expect to be processing in an ultimate condition. During this season, maintenance of power and strength is an aim.

Break Season

Here it is the time to relax for some time. However, you require to stay active if you need to develop your fitness for another level. Meanwhile, the target is on recovery and rest with light activity maintenance such as light gym work and cross-training.

Additionally, research shows that taking a break for recovery is often helpful. As pre-season techniques, more regular gym workouts can restart.

The Tennis Fitness Training – Weight Training Program

There is a four-stage program for players. The first one emphasis on building muscle and basic strength, and the second phase concentrates on power delivery. This should be suitable for many players.

Choose the training program given here as an all-around phase. The better programs are always precise to a person’s current goals, fitness, and access to coaches and resources.

Consider Priorities For Tennis Player

On the other side, if you are considering the priorities players should have to stay fit, the following categories are intertwined and paramount, such as:






Last Words

So, staying active and fit with fitness activities and cross-training activities is still the best idea. You will also have developed through the complete program and provide yourself some time to do it again and again.

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