5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

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Playing any sport brings benefits to our physical and mental health. Tennis is no different. In fact, the game of tennis has is so well designed that even if you take it as a hobby, you will notice visible improvements in your overall health. Tennis players today rank among the fittest athletes in the world.

So we recommend you to pick up a tennis racquet and hit a few balls daily. This is why we bring you the 5 top health benefits of playing tennis be it as a hobby or a professional sporting activity.

Increases your fitness level

5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis
5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis involves intense physical activity and a consequent lot of calorie burning. This means that if you are hitting the tennis court for an hour or so every day, you would score high on fitness than your pals.

Further not only does tennis help in muscle building and keeping you fit, but it also provides effective breathing exercises. Running around the court and hitting balls continuously will help you control your breath in a better way. This ensures that playing tennis will give you guaranteed health benefits, both tangible and intangible.

Increases Stamina and Mental strength

Tennis is no doubt a physically demanding sport. Athletes who take tennis as a profession have great stamina. They can play a 4 hour or 5-hour long intense match on the court without getting much fatigued.  Even if you are playing the game as an amateur or for a hobby, you will notice visible increase in your stamina day by day.

Tennis will also help you to build endurance, fortitude and resilience. You have to run around the court, chase the ball and fight for every shot. Tennis as they say makes you a mental giant along with a physical beast.

Sharpens your mind and reflexes

5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis
5 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

A lot of tennis is based on hand-eye coordination. Shots with massive speed come towards your end of the court. You are supposed to not only return but place your shot well in order to succeed in the game. So tennis plays a great role in sharpening your reflex time and in turn boosting your cognitive abilities. It is as they say not only physical but also a mental exercise. Tennis also opens you to new areas of problem-solving giving stimulation to your intelligence levels.

Ends Anxiety, Ensures Calmness

Another boost tennis will do to your mental health is helping you get rid of that unwanted anxiety and low self-esteem. When you sweat it out in the tennis court, your brain opens new challenges. This indirectly ensures that you become enough not to shy away or fear the challenges of daily life. In fact, you confront those challenges like you confront the opponent’s shot coming at your end of the net.

Makes you confident and disciplined

Like most sports tennis also requires discipline and proper work ethics to succeed. Regularly picking up a tennis racquet and sweating out in the court can do wonders for your confidence. You will notice that in your daily approach after even a few weeks of daily practice. Also, regular routines would translate into a discipline that will again come handy in other walks of life.

These are some of the best physical and mental benefits of the game of tennis that we have for you. We advise you to pick up a tennis racquet so that you become a fitter, smarter and brighter version of yourself.

Good luck!!!

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