Roger Tennis Federer

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Roger Federer, also called tennis Federer, is an ace tennis player. A player as famous as this 6-foot 1-inch mastermind is quite rare. He is a gem of a person not only because of his success and talent but also because of his core principles as a human being. He is the perfect blend of the talents of Boris Becker, Bjorn Borg, Pete Sampras, John McEnroe, Arthur Ashe, and Jimmy Connors and is therefore considered above this lot. A traditionalist and an out-and-out family person, Roger has literally ruled the court for more than 14 years and he has done this with grace. Popular for his natural ability, techniques, cool temperament, let us have a look at some significant information about this great tennis player:

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5 Important Facts About Roger Tennis Federer

Pete Sampras, Boris Becker And Stefan Edberg – Idols Of Tennis Federer

Roger, on several occasions, has stated that he developed a love for tennis simply by watching Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker in action. Watching their tennis plays on the court has inspired this tennis legend a lot. Experts have come up with claims of close similarities between the playing styles of Roger’s idols and those of the legend himself.

Federer Means Consistency

Considered a graceful player of his time, Federer is also known for his continued success and excellence, which are the result of his work hard. The star does not just depend on his talent when it comes to playing tennis games and gaining success. He has remained consistent throughout and has always put in great efforts in turning out successful at varied events.

Sports Is In Roger’s Blood

Roger has always had a keen interest, not only in tennis but even in other sports activities. He is also into playing badminton, football, basketball, and cricket. His inclination towards playing different sports has helped him in improving his agility, hand-eye coordination, and fitness.

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5 Important Facts About Roger Tennis Federer

He Is No Longer A Vegetarian

During his early years, Roger was a vegetarian. This was during his childhood. Nevertheless, as he entered his teen years, the Swiss ace started consuming meat. The practice of following a vegetarian diet was not guided or forced by beliefs or family. It was his personal choice. He started eating non-vegetarian food at the age of fourteen when he started full-time training in playing tennis. It was his training experience that helped him in understanding that you need to eat almost anything to survive. At present, the player eats meat while not adhering to anything specific in his diet.

He Loves Swimming And Is Good In It

Roger likes to spend his vacations in the Maldives and this is where he gets into extensive swimming. The player is definitely into practicing regular exercises for staying fit. But one of his preferred sports is swimming. The wealthy sports person that Roger is, none of his properties located at different parts of the world do not miss out on swimming facilities. He even possesses his very own holiday home in the Maldives where the ocean seems to be his pool.

These are some interesting details about Roger Federer, every tennis fan should ever know.

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