5 Longest Tennis Game That The History Has Ever Seen

5 Longest Tennis Game That The History Has Ever Seen

Who doesn’t love tennis? If you count the number, it will be pretty low all across the world. Like, who won’t like an action-packed, skilful rally between two best stars of their era? So, for the tennis lovers all across the world, we present to you the 5 longest tennis game history has witnessed. 5 of those games which earned appreciation and where nobody else other than tennis won.

John Isner Vs Nicolas Mahut – The Longest Tennis Game Of The History

In Wimbledon 2010, when John Isner from the USA and Nicolas Mahut from France, were facing each other in the first round of Men’s singles, none in the world could imagine what’s going to come next. The match continued for 3 days. Yes, you are reading this right. The time played during the match is 11 hours which is a world record till date.

The match got interesting when Nicolas made a comeback from a deficit and tied the match in the 4th set. The 5th set was history. John Isner emerged victorious from this battle of the mammoths with a final 2 point lead scoring 70-68. No other match has been played till now for that duration of time making it the Longest Tennis Game Ever Played.

5 Longest Tennis Game That The History Has Ever Seen
5 Longest Tennis Game That The History Has Ever Seen

Czech Republic Vs Switzerland – Davis Cup 2013

The 2 teams met each other at Men’s Doubles in the first round and gifted a show that none can forget. The fight on the hard court went intense and fiercer. Marco Chiudinelli and Stanislas Wawrinka represented Switzerland on their home ground against Tomas Berdych and Lukas Rosol representing Czech Republic. After 7 hours of intense fight, the home team was defeated with a score of 24-22 on the 5th set. Though Czech Republic emerged victorious, the tough fight of the Swiss was praised by all.

Leonardo Mayer Vs Joao Souza – Another Longest Tennis Game In The History Of Davis Cup

Who doesn’t know about the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina? And, this time, it was in tennis. Leonardo Mayer from Argentina faced against Joao Souza from Brazil in Davis Cup 2015. Though Leonardo won the first 2 sets, Joao made a jaw dropping comeback taking the game to the 5th set. At the end of this battle of 6 hours 43 minutes, Leonardo managed to snatch the victory with a score line of 15-13.

Kevin Anderson Vs John Isner – Wimbledon 2018

Kevin Anderson from South Africa became a strong contender of the trophy when he defeated another star Roger Federer in the Quarter Finals with a comeback. On the other hand, John Isner from the USA had already played his longest game in tennis history till then. And was preparing for another one. In the semifinals, these two met, and they played up to the expectation.

5 Longest Tennis Game That The History Has Ever Seen
5 Longest Tennis Game That The History Has Ever Seen

The match went to the 5th set. And after a vigorous fight of 6 hrs and 36 minutes, this time it was Kevin Anderson who emerged victorious with a lead of 26-24. Another important fact that needs mentioning is that the 2018 Wimbledon still holds the record for its longest semi-finals in the history of Wimbledon.

Fabrice Sontoro Vs Arnaud Clement – 2004 French Open

Both the players representing France faced each other on the 1st round of Men’s Singles.  Fabrice managed to snatch 2 back to back sets when Arnaud fought fiercely to make a comeback and drag the game to the 5th set. The match was stopped in between and was continued the next day. The relentless rallies and the fierce fight glued the audience for 6 hours 33 minutes. And made them enjoy every moment of it. Fabrice Sontoro was victorious in the end with a lead of 16-14. This match was the longest played tennis match in History, till John Isner and Nicolas Mahut faced each other on Wimbledon 2010.

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