Rafael NADAL Facts

A Few Interesting Facts About Rafael NADAL

This Spanish hero is the current world number two in the men’s singles tennis rankings. The 32-year-old has won whopping 17 Grand Slam titles. The list of his followers and fans is endless. Yes, this man has amazing physical and mental ability to emerge a winner is big events.

If you too are a Rafael NADAL fan then you would surely be interested in getting more details about him. So here are some interesting facts about this hero of lawn tennis.

A Few Interesting Facts About Rafael NADAL

He Has An Asteroid Named After Him:

His name has the power to make anything famous. He proved it by making an asteroid famous. Of course only a privileged few will have asteroids named after them. Rafael is one of them. Six years ago that is in May 2013 Observatorio Astronómico de Mallorca decided to confer the name of this tennis great to an asteroid. They named asteroid number 128,036 as Rafael nadal. The asteroid became famous immediately.

The Kind Side Of Rafael:

The best thing about Rafael NADAL is that he has a heart of gold. He is committed to doing something for the destitute and the less fortunate people of this society. Once when he was asked about his greatest achievements he had said that it was the foundation that was named after him. This foundation helps the less fortunate children of India and Spain. He and his near and dear ones are actively involved with a number of other foundations. They work with foundations that are promoting education projects for the less fortunate children.

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A Few Interesting Facts About Rafael NADAL

And He Is Known For His Tics:

If you are a true fan of this Spanish player then you must be aware of the number of sports tics that he has developed. He is ridiculed by his competitors for these tics. Some of these tics are funny. But he used them to concentrate and remain focussed. He uses them especially after she has lost points or has made mistakes.

In one such tic he will first touch his shorts. Next, he will stretch his left shoulder followed by the right shoulder. Subsequently, he will touch his left ear and brush his nose. Then he will touch his right year and touch his nose. Finally, he will again touch his left ear.

There Is More To Him Besides Tennis:

Yes, Rafael NADAL breathes tennis but there are many other things that he loves. He is a football fan. Real Madrid has a star supporter and his name is Rafael. He is an avid reader who loves reading literature. Fishing is also something that he simply loves. He is very particular about his diet. But he has a fetish for Fish, Pasta French Fries, Ice Cream and Chocolate Cookies. Do not be surprised if you see him play video games as he enjoys that a lot.

He is surely an amazing star; and a down to earth man. Well, this is obvious from these interesting facts about him.

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