Taking Tennis Lesson


2 out of 10 parents dream of sending their child for the tennis lesson. They get very overwhelmed knowing that their child will live their dream of playing tennis win trophies. But sometimes, things don’t work the way you want.

Your kid might not play the game as desired by you, and it has its explanation. In this article, you will learn about a few facts as to why your kid is not playing the way you ever desired.

The Reasons Why You May Have Developed Stress

For a parent (aspiring their child to reciprocate the same enthusiasm to play tennis), being stressed about kid’s performance is normal, when you can’t see the same enthusiasm as you.

Therefore, the slightest ignorance shown by your child would make you believe that he/she is not serious, ultimately making you stressed.

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Analyze Whether Your Child Is Playing Tennis The Way You Desire

Other Reasons which Can Add To Your Stress

  • Less attentiveness of your child toward the game
  • Showing no zest of competitiveness during a tennis lesson
  • Lacking confidence while playing tennis and taking the tennis lesson
  • Not able to cop the pressure of the game

Tennis Coach Of Your Kid May Induce The Stress As Well

A tennis coach can be of two behavior, either harsh or soft. Both can have a bad impact on how your kid will prepare for the final match or lockdown. Therefore, keep checking their practices so that the coach is neither too harsh nor too soft.

A coach has to impart qualities like competitiveness, stackability, teamwork, and hard work. If your kid’s coach is failing to do so, you might need to find a new one definitely.

Don’t Reciprocate Your Childhood In With Your Kid

You are anxious that your kid is not serious while playing tennis, so you scolded him/her badly. Well, you might not have thought about it, but it could be the reflection of how you have been treated in your childhood.

Therefore, before you speak to your kid, make sure you have understood his/her position and emotional status.

Also, before bursting your balloon of anger on your kid, make sure you have not imposed your mind on him/her. It can be a possibility that your kid might have another plan with regard to sports.

Your Furious Behavior For Tennis Lesson Can Induce Frustration

Yes! You read it right. If you are way much controlling with your kid, he/she will develop a furious behavior toward you. To a greater extent, they might feel anxious and insecure in their life as they will either practice to run from the situation or develop a furious behavior to fight with it.

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Analyze Whether Your Child Is Playing Tennis The Way You Desire

Your Anxious Kid Will Fail To Practice During Tennis Lesson

In a situation where they will fear you scolding or cold behavior towards them, if they would fail, they will get anxious every time they will play. It may ruin all their enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Ultimately, your kid will lose.

Deal With Pressure And Let Your Kid Take Tennis Lesson Freely

To make your kid deal with the pressure, learn to deal with the pressure at your level first. Things will become smooth, and your kid’s performance will increase.