Best Babolat Tennis Gear you Must Own

babolat tennis gear

There are plenty of different tennis brands to choose from when looking for a racquet. Babolat is one of them, known for being the oldest brand in the tennis industry, and for delivering quality products year after year.

Babolat have for many years been producing top quality racquets and there are today a massive range of racquets to choose from. It can be quite confusing to pick the right racquet from all the available ones, but with our help, it can hopefully make your picking process a little bit easier. Below are the 6 best Babolat tennis racquets right now.

1. Babolat Pure Aero

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The Babolat Pure Aero is a trademark racquet endorsed by Rafael Nadal, and it have certainly turned into one of the most popular racquets in the world, both at the professional and recreational level.

It’s a very powerful racquet than can generate some amazing spin when it’s placed in the right hands. The Pure Aero is not only known for being endorsed by Rafael Nadal, it’s also known for being one of the most spin-friendly racquets in the industry.

Hitting the ball on the sweet spot with the Pure Aero is a very satisfying experience. The sweet spot is pretty bug, which comes in handy for advanced players who likes to turn defense and offense. In order to play good with this racquet, you need to be able to generate power on your own.

This racquet won’t do the job for you like the beginner racquets does. You have to do all the work yourself, which is extremely beneficial for those who can handle it.

One of the best racquets on the market right now. However, the Babolat Pure Aero is certainly not for everyone. Beginners will have a lot of trouble playing with this racquet, because it requires a certain skill to handle this stick.

However, for more advanced players, there are no other racquet that is as rewarding as the Pure Aero. Give it a try at least once and I would be surprised if you didn’t end up buying one. You can read our full review in this post.

2. Babolat Pure Drive

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For advanced players, it’s hard to argue against someone going with the Babolat Pure Drive. The racquet is certainly not for everyone, but it’s designed to help out various types of players. Once, the racquet is in the right hands, the Pure Drive allows for a lot of spin and power without sacrificing any control.

The Babolat Pure Drive is not only one of the most popular racquets at the recreational level, it’s also very popular at the professional level. The Italian tennis star Fabio Fognini is one of many that endorses the Pure Drive.

Perhaps the best overall shot with the Babolat Pure Drive is the serve. It seems like more often than not, any person who demos the racquet feels like they can put the ball where ever they want with a lot of velocity. A great first serve is a huge weapon to have for any player, and this racquet provides a lot of kick and control on the second serve.

Like a lot of professional racquets, it really comes down to what type of string you decide to put into the Pure Drive. If you use polyester, you can expect plenty of power and span at lower tensions. With a more soft string, control is going to be better and it will fell more comfortable on the arm.

This racquet is a perfect option for anyone who categorize themselves as an intermediate to advanced player. If you are a beginner, there are other racquets that are better suited for you. You can read our full review in this post.

3. Babolat Pure Strike

I have never heard anyone talking negatively on the Babolat Pure Strike. Apart from the Pure Aero and Drive that is primary made for advanced players, the Pure Strike is made for a massive range of players. The world No.5 Dominic Thiem is one of many players that endorses the Pure Strike.

There is not much bad to say about this racquet. It has brilliant control and feel, while it also allows for easy access to power and spin. Considering the low weight (11.3 oz) it’s a very stable racquet, while you still get the maneuverability that comes with a lightweight racquet.

Most racquets in the same weight class usually struggles with stability and control, but that is certainly not the case with the Pure Strike.

The maneuverability helps you to achieve racquet head speed, and once you get to the point of contact, it gives you everything from power, spin and control. If you are struggling getting speed in you serves, this racquet will definitely help you to increase that.

This racquet works for all levels, but I would strongly recommend it to beginner-intermediate players that wants to take their game to the next level. For more advanced players, I would suggest going with the Pure Aero or Pure Drive. You can read our full review in this post.

You can choose from any of these Babolat tennis gear for your game.

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