Best Quality Tennis Balls to Buy

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Tennis balls today come from a number of tennis brands, and in all sorts of varieties. Below, we’re going to help you find the right tennis ball for you by making it simple.

We’re going to show you the best tennis balls on the market today, and explain the differences between the different types of balls. We’ve researched and tested all the major tennis brands, and one of the 7 tennis balls below should be a great fit for you. We reviewed each ball on durability, performance, affordability, and more.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for value or an advanced player who needs a long lasting tennis ball, you’ll find one below.

#1 – Wilson US Open Tennis Balls

Tennis Balls

The Wilson US Open comes in a 3-ball can, and is made out of premium woven felt. The color is a basic tennis ball yellow that’s officially called “Optic Yellow.” It comes in regular duty and extra duty, making it great for hard court surfaces. 

The best part about this tennis ball is the consistent performance and durability. After their first use, you can throw them in your tennis bag, and they will stay good longer than other balls. I’ve used them two or three weeks after opening the can for practice and they still bounced great.

Approved by the ITF and the USTA for matches in competition, these balls have a consistent bounce. They are also the official balls used in the U.S. Open.

Pros and Cons

Tennis Balls
  • High quality felt material
  • Great for longer play
  • Consistent bounce & performance
  • The can lasts weeks without losing pressure
  • Great for outdoor hard courts
  • High-altitude version available
  • Available in regular & extra duty

#2 – Penn Championship Tennis Balls

The Penn Championship tennis ball is the “#1 best-selling ball in America” according to the can’s label. This is a great ball for one time use and for players who aren’t too picky.

It’s not quite as high quality as the US Open ball above, but it is a better value. I usually buy these in bulk for most matches and practice.

This ball comes in two different types, extra duty for hard court surfaces and regular duty for soft court surfaces, which includes clay or grass. The ball is ITF approved and is also the official ball of the USTA leagues. With a superior lasting durability due to the interlocking wool fibers that help to prevent loss of bounce, this is a ball that works for tennis players of any skill-level.

Pros and Cons

  • Great value
  • Quality interlocking wool fibers
  • Available in regular & extra duty
  • Small chance of uneven bounce
  • Don’t last quite as long as other balls

#3 – Pro Penn Marathon Tennis Balls

The Pro Penn Marathon is a slightly higher quality tennis ball from Penn. They are meant for long-lasting tennis matches. These balls feature “Encore Technology” in the center for 22 percent longer play.

Similar to Wilson’s US Open balls, after opening the can, these balls can maintain their bounce and quality for weeks. The color of the ball is a specialized “Smart Optik” for exceptional visibility while playing. They make an extra duty felt version for hard courts, as well as a regular duty for clay or grass.

The USTA and ITF have approved this ball for league play. Beginners and low-level intermediate players may not need a tennis ball of this quality, but for advanced players, they are worth it if you need a ball that will last.

Pros and Cons

  • Consistent, long-lasting performance
  • Improved visibility
  • Keeps pressure for weeks
  • Available in regular & extra duty
  • Slightly heavier than a regular Penn Championship ball

These three are the best quality tennis balls to buy.

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