Best Tennis Players: Most Men’s Singles Match Wins


The best tennis players work hard to make a successful career. Being an individual sport, tennis gives a lot of preference to the player’s own records and stats. The match wins are one of the most important parameters to judge a player’s resume. Many players have even registered more than 1,000 tennis victories, making them the legends of this sport. We look at the five male tennis players who have the most victories in singles tennis matches in the Open Era.

Jimmy Connors

Best Tennis Players: Most Men's Singles Match Wins
Best Tennis Players: Most Men’s Singles Match Wins

The American legend stands at the top of the list with most singles match wins. Connors who is also the former world number 1 won 1,274 singles tennis matches. He played professional tennis for almost 26 years winning 8 singles Grand Slam titles. Connors is known for his great talent as well as the ability to fight until the last point. He also won two Grand Slams in the doubles category.

Roger Federer

Best Tennis Players: Most Men’s Singles Match Wins

This Swiss superstar is one of the greatest ever tennis players to grace the court. He has been on the tour for more than 20 years now. During this time, the 20 times Grand Slam winner has won 1,242 singles tennis matches. Federer is one of the most popular to have ever played the game. His iconic status is largely due to the ability to play with a lot of grace and finesse. Roger’s game is described by tennis experts as poetry in motion. He looks in a good position to win more tennis matches and improve the record of Jimmy Connors. Roger is also known for his longevity in the game.

Ivan Lendl

Tennis Players With Most Men's Singles Match Wins
Best Tennis Players: Most Men’s Singles Match Wins

The Czech born former world’s number 1 was one of the best tennis players in the 1980s. He excelled particularly on hard and clay courts having won all Grand Slam except Wimbledon where he finished a finalist twice. Lendl won 1,068 singles tennis matches in his illustrious career. That places him in the select and prestigious list having won most tennis matches. Ivan may well have won more matches if the chronic back injury did not put a sudden end to his career.

Rafael Nadal

Best Tennis Players: Most Men’s Singles Match Wins

The man from Mallorca is hailed as the greatest ever player on clay courts. Rafa has also proven his mettle of being one of the greatest all court tennis players. The 19 times Grand Slam champion has so far registered 990 wins in his singles tennis matches. He looks set for many more in the coming years of his career. Nadal also has one of the highest win-loss percentages in the Open Era. All these achievements come even after the countless injury issues he has faced in his tennis career.

Guillermo Vilas

Best Tennis Players: Most Men’s Singles Match Wins

The former Argentine tennis star finished his career with 62 title wins. He also won 4 Grand Slams during those years. Vilas was known to be among the best clay-court tennis players of his era. He won 949 singles tennis matches in his 23-year long career. Vilas was also inducted in the tennis hall of fame in 1991 as a mark of recognition of his great contribution to tennis. He remains as the best male tennis player that Argentina has produced.