Coaching Tips for New Tennis Players

Coaching Tips for New Tennis Players

Tennis is one of the most popular sports among the younger generation. New tennis players take pride in holding the racket and improving their game. They idolize and draw inspiration from great tennis stars like Nadal, Federer, or Serena Williams. However, the journey to professional tennis is not so straightforward. It demands a tremendous amount of dedication, consistency, and discipline. Let’s discuss some of the best coaching tips for emerging of new tennis players. 

Make Your Game Complete: New Tennis Players

Coaching Tips for New Tennis Players

‘’As a tennis player, you should always strive for perfection on the court’’, said the great Steffi Graf. Hence, the secret to becoming a great tennis player is simply to have a great tennis game. New tennis players should always be good learners and students of the sport. Furthermore, the passion to improve your serve, make your movement better, and hit your shots more effectively, is what aspiring tennis players should look for. 

The best players of every era are constantly evolving and getting better. Think of Roger Federer changing a few things in his racket and game at 35 years of age. The Serb great Novak Djokovic is remodeling so many aspects of his game to combat his two great rivals, Federer and Nadal. So, this dedication towards your craft is the best and most basic coaching tip for new tennis players. 

Lets Your Racket Talk

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Tennis is a high intensity and adrenaline rushing game. But new tennis players often get aggressive on the court. While this may at times push their game better, however most of the time it tends to be counterproductive. Great players concentrate on the game and make their racket talk. They don’t resort to verbal onslaught to the opponent or breaking their racket. This is not in the spirit of the game.

New tennis players should follow the examples of Federer and Nadal. These two always maintain their cool demeanor on the court and let their racket speak. Therefore, new tennis players should always concentrate on making their game better and having a cool temperament on the court. Moreover, the aggression should be directed not at the opponents but to make your shots better. 

Be Creative on the Court

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Tennis matches are not won by just raw energy and power hitting. Players need to be very creative and innovative on the court. From building a rally to hitting a winner, they require a sense of strategy to outwit and outsmart the opponent. Hence, all new tennis players should learn to think on the court and make spontaneous decisions. From shot selection to court position, a novel approach always helps in the matches. It may thus unsettle your opponent and force him to change the game.

New players also have to adapt to various court surfaces. Tennis is played on clay, grass, and hard courts. Every surface requires a different type of strategy and style to succeed. From long rallies on the clay courts to aggressive tennis on the grass courts, a great player masters the art of every playing style. This makes you into an all-court player. Furthermore, it’s an attribute of great champions that all new tennis players should bring to their game.

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