College Tennis News Announces The News Of The International Tennis Hall Of Fame 2021 Inductees

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In the year 1987, Billie Jean King got the honor of getting inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. This year 2021, she is about to make a comeback as a member of the first group of the International Tennis Hall Of Fame. The Original 9 in the year 1970 on September 23rd, took a valiant decision. This decision took the responsibility of changing the tennis game forever in the history of sports. 

What Was The Decision That The College Tennis News Recaps Once Again

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Precisely speaking, during the time of increasing disparity not only the prize money but also the playing opportunity for the women in tennis was the talk of the time. During this time they wrote a contract with $1 with World Tennis Magazine publisher, Gladys Heldman. This contract spoke about a new competition for women’s tennis.

In this regard around 8 women participants undertook the challenge. In this draw, Rosie Casals achieved the first title that led to the success of the event thus building the Virginia Slims circuits. This consequently created the pavement for Women Tennis Association Tour. Hence now we know a bit of the history of the world’s leading sports for women.

More In This Regard To Let You Know

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Well, the Original 9 was the first time ever that got admission in the Hall Of Fame. Why? Since the prestigious position was first reserved for individual candidates. Those nine women who constituted the team are-

  • Peaches Bartkowicz
  • Rosie Casals
  • Julie Heldman 
  • Billie Jean King 
  • Kristy Pigeon 
  • Nancy Richey
  • Valerie Ziegenfuss, and
  •  Australians Judy Tegart Dalton and 
  • Kerry Melville Reid

The Player And The Coach The Tennis World Had

Billie, who was mentioned a few minutes back, went to California University from 1961-64. She was undoubtedly a skilled and amateur tennis athlete who was not given the sports scholarship simply because she was a girl. However, she reached her first story of success in her college when she won the Wimbledon Doubles championship in partnership with Karen Hantze just on her 1st try. This made a memorable moment in the history of tennis because this team was the first to be the youngest team.

Let us now change our attention towards the ‘Coach’. Dennis Van Der Meer is a legendary coach who evaluates the needs of the player then develops a standard plan accordingly. His talent in teaching the students was awarded the name ‘teacher of teachers’. He is the institutor of the Van Der Meer Tennis University. This initiative works in delivering the students with robust training, and later a certification. Van Der Meer is supposed to be inducted posthumously after he left us in 2019.

In Conclusion

Well, the induction ceremony is scheduled to take place in July 2021. The International Tennis Hall Of Fame will conduct the event in Newport on July 17th, 2021. Let us now wait for the time being and catch what actually happens in the upcoming event.

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