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Some we tend to miss out on the clear news headlines on our favorite sports and end up regretting them. Sports are not only important and fascinating for the players involved, but they also hold a great significance in the lives of people who watch them and worship their favorite players. As a tennis fan, you need to keep yourselves updated about all the latest headlines regarding the sport and players involved in it. So what are you missing out?

For people who miss out on details, presenting to you a list of important and current news headlines of tennis for you to know everything ( from most recent ones to old ones)

Current Tennis News To Follow

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1. Tennis legends Rafael Nadar and Roger Federer have been elected once again for ATP player councils. Their term will run-up to June 2022.

2. The popular Indian Tennis player Sumit Nagpal is selected as the wild card entry in the Australian open 2021 (Great news for Indian tennis fans). Sumit is expected to compete with Chinese tennis player Wang Xiyu. Sumit Nagpal tweeted in one of his tweets, thanking and praising the Australian Open for giving him the opportunity.

3. Roger Federer will not be seen playing Australian open, 2021, due to his knee injury for the first time in his entire career since 2000. Roger Federer is a living legend in tennis sport and has stayed champion in Grand Slam for more than 20 times. He is truly incredible.

4. Andy Murray has played just 7 tour matches and allowed to play in the Australian Open, 2021, as a wild card contestant. A great opportunity, indeed.! He has received the opportunity with Serena Williams.

5. Women’s Tennis season, 2021, will start in Abu Dhabi in January, came to the Women’s Tennis Association, the governing body.

Some More News To Follow- Current Tennis News

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6. Australian Open Tournament in 2021 will be held in Melbourne Park in February. The tentative dates being 8th February to 21st February.

7. Naomi Osaka, Japan’s Tennis Ace, is welcomed by a new comic series to star in. The famous and star player is all set to be a comic book character leading to greater fame.

8. France’s Gilles Simon returns to the council, having served in previous terms.

9. Pablo Andujar of Spain and Marcus Daniel from New Zealand are all set to serve their first term in the prestigious ATP council.

10. Dominic Thiem was beaten by Daniil Medvedev to win the ATP’s final title, marking a great achievement coming back from a set down. One of the most amazing wins to witness.


All the sports happen once in a while, and it is encouraging for the fabulous and outstanding players to watch their fans cheering for them and being updated about the related sports news so that they can watch them play and enjoy. It boosts their confidence as well as a delight to watch for Tennis lovers and other sports lovers.

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