Durability and Extended Play Are Provided in This Tennis Ball! Perfect for Exercise and Training!

The fact that dogs love to play with tennis balls can’t be denied by any ball. The reason may be different. Some dogs love tennis balls because, for some dogs, it’s their new chew toy. The actual reason behind the dog’s love for tennis balls is that they bounced, and dogs had to chase them. And when they run to chase behind the ball, they get a sense of success on getting the ball. 

Dogs have been domesticated for many centuries, but still, their old instinct of hunting is alive just like their ancestors. Back in time to survive, their ancestors used to hunt, and to succeed, they had to rely on predatory behavior like chasing, stalking, grabbing, orienting, killing, etc.

This is why having a tennis ball for your dog is beneficial for their physical development. So that they don’t forget their survival, or you can say self-protection skills. Predatory behaviors are naturally inbuilt in every dog that you don’t have to teach them. But how to control is something that you should focus on teaching. 

High-Quality Tennis Ball

The tennis ball that we have today for your dog is by brand name TSAI that weighs approx 60g and comes in a pack of three balls. 

As you know, in modern times, pet dogs are generally kept at home and only moved out for morning and evening walks. This is the reason that they have no prey to chase, attack, and show their predatory skills. 

So to be a good dog parent, you should have to have a tennis ball for your pet to fulfill their predatory behaviors. 


  • Brand Name: TSAI
  • Weight (g): 60
  • Packaging: 3
  • Rebounce: x
  • Category: Training Ball
  • Model Number: ZG598100
  • Diameter (mm): 6.3cm
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  • The ball is made of high quality, so it can endure strong hits, and you can play without interruption. 
  • It can also serve as entertainment or a toy for your dogs. 
  • It is pressurized to enhance the bounce of the ball
  • The material used in making this ball is Chemical fiber cloth, Wool, Rubber. 
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  • If your dog swallows the tennis ball, it can cause a blockage that later requires surgery. 


In a situation when there is no way out, dogs find an outlet for their predatory drive in shaking stuffed toys, chasing bikes, bouncing objects, digging holes, and playing with tug toys. The tennis ball is the fun substitute of prey that fulfills an instinctive need to chase. One ball is not enough; you have to get a couple of them to keep your dog busy.

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