Essential Tennis Gear for Beginners to Invest In

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Having the right gear can make a big difference in your beginning experience. Learning the basics of playing tennis will be much easier if you are equipped to play. You won’t need anything fancy; just make sure you have a few basic items.

1) Your Racket

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Your first order of business is choosing the right racquet for you. You can purchase a racquet online, in sporting goods stores, or at a local pro shop. You may prefer buying one in person rather than online because you can get a feel for holding it in your hand.

Things to consider when purchasing a racquet are the racquet length, weight, grip, strings, and head shape. Since all of these things affect how you hit the ball, you’ll want to find the best balance suit your game style and ability. For beginners, a head size of 100 square inches or greater is recommended for a better chance of making contact. It is also advisable to use a lighter racquet(300 g or less without strings), with a length no greater than 27 inches for adults and shorter for kids.

You will want to try out different grip sizes to find one most comfortable to you.  Whether buying online or in a store, often you can demo rackets before purchasing. This is a great idea when buying your first racket.

2) Tennis Balls

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You can’t play tennis without tennis balls. Who would’ve thought, right? When competing, tennis balls should be supplied, but you’ll need plenty of your own when practicing. You’ll want to keep at least three or four with you when you’re on the court.Tennis balls are pretty standard, but they do make balls tailored to specific surfaces. You’re best off starting with balls suitable for all surfaces.

3) Accessories and Miscellaneous

As a beginner, you don’t need to worry too much about buying a lot of accessories. However, having a few extra replacement grips on hand will save you time later. Your grip will eventually wear out, and buying some replacements now will save you the extra trip. Once you get a good handle on the basics, you can invest in other accessories to enhance your game.

You’ll also want a good-sized drink bottle that you’ll keep filled with cool water. Proper hydration is essential at whatever level you want to play. A couple of other items that are good to have on hand are sunscreen and a small towel to wipe your face.

4) Racket Bag

Carrying all these items around with you would prove problematic without a good racquet bag. A racquet bag will hold your racquet, extra cans of balls, extra clothes, and other tennis accessories. You can find them anywhere you buy a racquet.

5) Tennis Shoes

The game of tennis requires a tremendous amount of skilled footwork. You will need to be able to move forward and backward, side to side, and to stop and go very quickly. For this reason, your shoes may be one of the most important pieces of beginner gear you purchase. The best shoes to accommodate this level of lateral and forward/backward movement are tennis shoes. Other types of shoes may not provide you the support you need and could result in injury.

So, invest in these tennis gear and get ready to play.

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