Four Useful Tennis Top Spin Tips

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In the game of tennis, topspin is one of the widely used techniques. It can be applied to backhands, forehead shots, serves and lobs. Essentially, tennis top spin tips are never complete without understanding two factors. Firstly, it’s the angle of the racket of the hand and secondly, the direction of the swing. While creating a topspin, it is important to swing up the ball and angling the racket’s face slightly downwards. To know more, take a look at some more topspin tips.

  1. The Right Grip
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The concept of topspin is usually associated with the use of less aggressive grips. For beginners, the eastern or semi-western grips work extremely well on the forehand side. On the other hand, the continental grip is for the backhand topspin shots. However, as the player gets comfortable with the form, they can opt for a more extreme grip like the eastern backhand grip or the western on the forehand. The best part about these grips is that without spending too much power, they generate even more topspin.

  1. Early turning Of Shoulders
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Of all tennis top spin tips, this one is the most important. As you understand whether the ball is coming to your forehand or backhand side, you must turn your body in that direction without wasting a second. This ensures that your non-hitting shoulder faces the net. However, you must use your non-hitting arm for counterbalancing. Then, you can use your non-hitting hand to guide the racket back and simultaneously rotate the shoulders and hips to the right.

  1. Racket Head Lagging

Soon after you bring the racket back, pause for a brief moment before initiating the swing. After that, you can drop the racket down so that it is almost parallel to the ground. While initiating the forward swing, you must let the racket lag behind. Make sure that your wrist bends back as your hips and shoulders start leading the way. You can also think of it in a way like the bottom of your racket handle is pointing towards the net.

  1. Let the Top Edge Lead

The most important of all tennis top spin tips is that you should lead with the top edge of your racket. Also, the more you keep your grip extreme, the more the racket is going to be closed. Interestingly, this followed by the upward motion is what produces the topspin effect. Note that while using an eastern forehand grip, your racket is going to be closed during the motion.

Try Out These Master Tips

Have you noticed that the secret behind producing a topspin is actually the grip? Moreover, certain tennis surfaces are ideal for heavy topspin shots while others are good for flat shots. However, it’s all about how you learn and keep in mind these tennis top spin tips. Once you do it, your game is going to be tighter.

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