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How Have Tennis Technology Helped Players

Technology is important in ways more than one. Tennis Technology is something that has changed the game entirely. Often times, if the match is between the top seed players, it is very difficult to guess the result. There would be minimal defects brought in by the referee. But if you bring in technology, the defect can also be eliminated. Hence, technology can play a crucial role in bringing the game to its best.

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How Have Tennis Technology Helped Players


This is one of the best systems available in the tennis world right now. You can not miss the ball. Referee commits mistakes unknowingly. This is when Hawk-Eye comes into the picture. You won’t be able to miss a single wrong shot. A couple of times in a game, Federer complained of the wrong call against him which was never corrected. Due to which he lost the game and also the tournament. Imagine if the technology was available back then, Federer would not have missed any such games. This he calls as the judgment of destiny. But, the present-day players are using technology like never before.


This is very helpful to a lot of players. Well, who does not want to know the position of his fellow player? Right, not just the position of the opponent, techniques also helps you find your own faults in the game. Top players use it to enhance their plays.

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How Have Tennis Technology Helped Players

Player Interaction

Most of the players feel left out in the game without the intervention of technology. It will help the players raise their voices if they think that the decision was unjustly against them. They can review the calls of the referee. Unlike basketball, where technology could be awarded for challenging the referee, tennis has improved a period of time. People are now in a position to challenge the decision taken by the Referee. Because a Referee sits in a position that is advantageous for most of the time. But, in certain scenarios, when the speed of the ball is very high, it becomes difficult to judge the landing. This can cause a lot of fights and disrespectful moments in tennis. Technology has eliminated such rude outcomes for the betterment of the game.


Players are fortuned to have the racquets that they have today. Previously, racquets were made of wooden surfaces. But right now they are lighter. A lighter racquet enables you to move faster and you will be in a position to score faster. In testing related to tennis, more than 100 Spanish tennis players participated. They were able to find out that the capacity of the player depends on his/her ability to move and acquire power in the upper part of the body. There is also a difference in the way a male and female body develops over time. Hence, it is very important to use the technology to build Racquets that are different to different genders. Hopefully, the technology surfaces in the near future.

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