Improving Tennis Skills With Ease


Are you getting frustrated because you do not seem to get better at tennis, regardless of how many hours you clock in? are you getting impatient with how slow you are improving? Worry no more. There are so many things you can do on how to improve your tennis skills. There are certain practices and habits that can improve your skills quickly and efficiently. As the common saying goes, “work smart, not work hard.” Here are some tips and tricks on how to improve your tennis skills.

Get the right forehand grip

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How to Improve Your Tennis Skills

Your grip is one of the key elements that can make or break a game. A lot of professionals pay close attention to their grip because it is crucial for their serves and volleys.

The most basic grip is to pick up your racket and hold it as if you are shaking someone else’s hand. Your knuckles should be on top of the racket handle. If you’re doing a groundstroke, just shift your index finger knuckles to the bottom right of the racket. You’ll find that this grip will help you attain more topspin and power to your serves. The grip makes all the difference.

Prepare early

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How to Improve Your Tennis Skills

Another tip is to prepare early for groundstrokes. Some matches are held in courts with higher bounce. This will allow you to anticipate where the ball is headed. Once you are sure of the direction, proceed to the location and brace yourself in a comfortable position. Find the right balance so that you won’t topple over under extreme serves. You can use your other hand to support the racket as well as a source of balance. Rotate freely from your waist. This will give you more power as you hit the ball. If you’re doing so, make sure that both of your feet are planted firmly on the ground so that you retain your balance.

Keep your head still

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How to Improve Your Tennis Skills

If you keep on missing shots, try to keep your head upright and steady. Do not move your neck so much. Only use your arms, torso, and the racket to deliver a service. A steady and stable head can do wonders to your balance. The lesser head movements you make, the lesser chances of you compromising your vision. Try to keep your head still until after you have delivered the stroke.

Practice your ball toss

Serving isn’t about hitting the ball. The way you throw the ball also matters. You can spend countless hours throwing a ball that you might never hit because you are doing something wrong. Toss the ball upwards in a straight position. Make it as straight as possible. It should come down by about eighteen inches in front of your leading foot. This area can be utilized as a source of momentum when you are about to serve. This momentum can increase the ball’s speed so that you can take your opponent by surprise.