Preparing For Tennis Match

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You have a match coming up but you’re not sure how to prepare for a tennis match. The days before a match are the most crucial ones. You can maximize these days to condition your body for competition. What you do or don’t do can greatly affect your performance. Here is a guide on how to prepare for a tennis match.

Play to win

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How to Prepare for a Tennis Match

Competitions are meant to be won in order to determine a winner. As such, each of your training sessions should be with a winning mindset. Do not play at a leisurely pace because that means all your winning shots are by chance.

Whenever you practice, make sure to practice in the way that you want to play. Practice aggressively if you want to be an aggressive player. Adjust your practice sessions according to the type of tennis match you will join. Go through your routines and plays until you have mastered everything.

Ready your equipment

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How to Prepare for a Tennis Match

Prepare all of your things days before the match. Make sure that your racquet strings are well-strung. The racquet should have a proper grip. Pack your bag with healthy snacks, bottles of water, some sports drinks, extra towels, spare clothes, maybe an extra pair of shoes, a hat, a bottle of sunscreen, etc.

Condition your body

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How to Prepare for a Tennis Match

One key part of preparation is the rest. Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep on the nights leading up to the match. Wake up at least two hours before the match. Some experts suggest that the optimum hour to wake up is at three in the morning.

Eat a hearty breakfast that is full of nutrition and energizing elements. Drink healthy juices, eat some fruits, and try yogurts or cereal. Omit milk, cheese, or butter. Drink at least a liter and a half of water with electrolytes about two hours before the match.

Before the match, warm up your body with a routine for about fifteen minutes. Take a technical court to warm up for about thirty to forty-five minutes. During the court warm up, run through the plays and visualize how they will look on the court.

Mental preparation is also important

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How to Prepare for a Tennis Match

Do not underestimate the power of playing in the proper mindset. Your mental wellbeing can make or break your performance. Boost your self-esteem by highlighting your strengths in your head.

Try to sit on a quiet corner and be alone with your thoughts. Listen to some music or a podcast. The goal is to relax your body. Do not let your nerves get the best of you. A tennis match requires a huge amount of mental energy. It won’t fare well for you if you go into the game mentally drained.

Another trick you can do while waiting is to mentally visualize all the plays you will run during the match. This helps you get acquainted with all the possible scenarios.

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