If You Play Tennis You Should Know That Too Many Balls Are Needed! Get Them At A Good Price Here!

Dogs absolutely adore tennis balls and are to an extent even obsessed with them. It helps them control their stress and/or anxiety levels, and the balls’ flexible sizes make it ideal for them to be chewed on endlessly since it sits intact in the jaws of dogs belonging to all sizes. But are they safe? Should they be replaced with dog-friendly tennis balls instead? Let’s find out in this article where we are going to see the pros and cons of allowing our furry friends to use and play with tennis balls in depth.

Tennis Balls For Dogs

Tennis balls specifically made for dogs are usually available in different categories and owners can buy the balls that meet all of their needs the best. A few examples are balls made for flat-faced dogs and for power chewers. These are great for younger dogs’ oral hygiene and teeth development. They can be thrown farther, bounce higher, and are easier to clean up than compared to regular tennis balls due to their absence of the green fuzz. Waste no more time, get these Tennis Balls for dogs in no time and keep your dogs super happy.


  • Brand Name: FURRA
  • Weight (g): 60
  • Rebounce: 140cm+-
  • Diameter (mm): 64
  • Packaging: 3
  • Color: Lemon Yellow
  • Material: Rubber
A green ball


  • Dog-friendly tennis balls are extremely safe and trustworthy for dogs to use, chew, and play with however they want. 
  • They come in multipacks making each purchase last a while.
  • There are varying sizes and shapes available for all kinds of dogs.
  • Some balls have air holes cut out that enables steady breathing when your dog is returning the ball during a game of fetch.
  • They float on water just like regular tennis balls as well. 
A close up of a ball


  • Dog-friendly tennis balls are usually expensive causing owners to stock up on regular tennis balls instead. However, most owners are unaware of the fact that the outer fuzz of regular tennis balls act like fine sandpaper causing abrasive effects on the enamel of your dog’s teeth and poses a choking hazard as well since your dog is most probably capable of swallowing the fuzzy outer material of tennis balls or even half/whole of the ball just like other dogs since the ball can split apart in the back of the dog’s throat blocking her/his airway and may end up requiring surgery. 
  • A separate ball thrower needs to be purchased alongside a smaller dog-friendly ball since it won’t fit in normal ball thrower sizes.


On the whole, while regular tennis balls, when handled with caution may be alright for dogs’ general use especially for the younger ones when they’re teething, but dogs that over chew and larger dogs, in general, should be provided with balls without the green outer fuzz that is present in every regular tennis ball which is capable of causing underlying health adversities in the future.

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