Importance of Tennis Coaching Tips

tennis coaching tips

If you are involved in tennis coaching, then you must be looking for some useful tennis coaching tips. You should be aware of the basic things that should be considered while teaching young tennis players. Every tennis player differs in various ways. So, it is important to consider all these factors before deciding the type of tennis coaching to be given to the young players.

An Overview

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The first most important tip is to customize the training program as per the requirements of the players. Since, different players have different strengths and weaknesses; hence, you should consider all these factors and customize the tennis coaching tips accordingly. In case there are kids in the team, then the coach should pay special attention to their strengths and weaknesses. For this purpose, he may need to alter the court size, equipment used in the game and other such things.

The second most important tip is related to the playing skills. A lot of players find it easy to play tennis, but this may not always be the case. Hence, you should keep an eye on the habits of the players and the techniques that they follow. Apart from learning techniques, it is also necessary to learn the winning tips for every game. For this purpose, you should ask your players to focus on the tips for winning.

Best Tips To Consider

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The third most important tip is related to the mental toughness of players. As compared to playing tennis, you cannot see the ball at different speeds and distances. Hence, it is very important to increase the mental toughness of the player by constantly reminding them about their focus, determination and focus. In case you have young players in the team, then you should let them take part in all the activities relating to the game such as practicing, playing and serving.

Another important tip that a coach should always keep in mind is to let the tennis students understand and analyze their mistakes and bad shots early. For doing this, you should make use of video capturing equipment or a television screen. You can even hold the session outside, in front of a large audience. For helping your students understand their mistakes, the coach should spend more time explaining about the hit rather than just stopping the action and telling the player what he/she is doing wrong. This will help the player to remember the mistake and focus on the subsequent actions in the match.

Go Online

There are a lot of tennis coaching tips available on the internet and coaching forums. Many people offer coaching services for free. You can easily find such tips by using any of the popular search engines on the internet. However, it is very important for you to check the reputation of the coach before hiring them. For this purpose, you can contact past and current students of that coach and get coaching tips from them.

A good tennis coaching tip always stresses on building up the confidence of the player. For this, the coach should spend time helping the player to increase their confidence. For instance, if the player loses his first set then the coach should guide the player towards winning the set. If the player loses in the third set, then he should be helped to win the fourth set. Similarly, the coach should be able to motivate the players during the tough times.


One of the most important tips is selecting the proper tennis ball and racquet for each player. The professionals always have a lot of options for selecting the right tennis ball and racquet. You can also try to pick up tips from the professionals or read tennis magazines. However, these tips will not help you improve your own skills.

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