Facts About US Open Tennis

US open tennis

US open tennis

US open tennis is indeed not an anonymous term in the sports arena. However, there are various interesting facts about the prestigious tournament that even its supreme fans don’t know. US Open is played in the hard court. The first match of the reputed tennis tournament, which was a men’s singles tournament, was played in the year 1881. The continuous mode of the competition is the contemporary edition of the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Check out the other interesting facts about the match provided below. 

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US open tennis

US open tennis
  • One must have marked that US open tennis comes as the last grand slam of the year. This has been going on since 1987. Australian, French, and Wimbledon are indeed the other three grand slams.
  • The first even US open tennis in August 1881 was played on grass courts at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island. The schedule of US Open tennis has been constant. It starts on the final Monday of August and goes on for a couple of weeks.
  • Singles and doubles for men and women, along with mixed-doubles is played in senior, junior and wheel-chair category.
  • It is being played on hard courts since 1978.
  • Ownership of the US open tennis goes to the United States Tennis Association (USTA). It is also organized by the same. Noteworthy here is to mention that USTA is a non-profit organization. The profits generated are used for the development of tennis in the US.

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  • US Open tennis is the exclusive grand slam championship where a tiebreaker round is included in each set of a singles game.
  • Arthur Ashe is the first US Open amateur winner.
  • The first stadium at the USTA Billie Jean King National Centre is the biggest exclusive tennis stadium over the globe. 
  • Since 1973, prize money won by men and women has been the same in US Open tennis. Now, this makes tennis the first sports to pay equal prize money to winners in both men’s and women’s categories.  
  • Tiffany & Co design trophies paid to winners of the US Open tennis.
  • US Open tennis became the first ever Grand Slam event to organize night games.
  • US Open tennis is the exclusive Grand Slam tournament where 16 qualifiers rounds are played, in women’s singles draw. In the case of others, only 12 qualifiers are on the list.
  • Americans have been frontrunners in their native grand slam championship. In the men’s category, US players have won 85 championships. Similar is the case about women’s group as well. American women in the singles category have won 93 championships. Australian men have won 18 titles in US open tennis. Men from the UK and Switzerland have won five titles in the US Open. Australian women have won six titles, whereas the women from Belgium and Germany have won five titles.
  • US legend sisters Venus Williams and Serena Williams are the first sisters to confront in the final of US Open tennis in the year 2001.