Interesting Trivia About Tennis Racket

Tennis is a popular game, specifically in the US and Europe. A tennis game without a racket is impossible to imagine. Isn’t it true? Provided below are some of the exciting facts regarding tennis rackets, those a tennis fan must know.

Tennis Racket
Tennis Racket

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  • Tennis rackets as we see in general fixed in an oval frame is inspired by a game played in the 15th century in the US.
  • Before tennis racket with strings, those made up of ropes were in the limelight. In some occasions, players prefer customized gloves for playing tennis.
  • Tennis racket used to be made up of wood until 1965. Bizarre but it’s true that rackets were usually stringed using intestines of a cow being screwed and stretched for creating higher tension. 
  • The first resemblance with the modern day tennis rackets were the ones made up of nylon string. It replaced the cow intestine based lines.
  • First ever tennis racket with a frame made up of steel was developed by Rene Lacoste. After this, the size of tennis rackets also increased. Steel frames provided the much-needed tension with the racket.
  • Earlier, rackets of steel tennis frame were not accepted by pro players. They had to claim that those made up of wood was providing them greater accuracy. However, they later realized that there is no comparison to steel racket when it comes about power game.
  • Jimmy Connors is the first ever professional tennis player who used rackets made up of steel.

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Tennis Racket

Tennis Racket
  • John McEnroe is said to be the prominent name who branded the graphite tennis rackets.
  • Asia may not be a prime dominating nation in the tennis arena, but the highest number of tennis rackets is manufactured in Asia only.
  • Japan is the leading manufacturer and supplier of a tennis racket.
  • Interestingly, the high-end professional tennis rackets are coming without strings. Professional players select their string and the level of tension.
  • Small sections of bearings are there at the top of the tennis racket, which is said to avoid tennis elbow issues.
  • For higher power, tennis rackets of lesser string tension are easy to use and have more demand. On the other hand, tennis rackets with higher stress provide better control. The best combination of both is necessary for the best result.
  • Tennis rackets made up of ‘Spaghetti string’ are banned as lessened the importance of skill and technique. This made players with lesser skill and technique defeat more significant players.
  • Moreover, to get the accuracy in deflection, it is essential to maintain the perfection in spacing between the strings.
  • Modern day tennis rackets, in general, weigh around 250 grams. Earlier, the wooden form of rackets used to be more than 350 grams.
  • The professionals do not prefer comparatively lighter tennis rackets as it lessens the power. Lighter rackets also cause excessive vibrations.
  • There is no strict rule on what should be the ideal length of the rackets. It has become a matter of issue since the arrival of ‘stretch’ rackets providing more significant power.
  • Most people don’t know, but grip size plays a crucial role in enhancing the shot quality. One can find six original grip sizes in modern times.
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