Keys To Winning Tennis Matches

Keys to Winning Tennis Matches

All great tennis players aim to win more matches and titles. It is how the tennis record books are written and re-written in the sport. However, there is no single mantra to win all tennis matches. Every match is different in terms of the opponent, the playing surface, and the player’s form. Nevertheless, there are some useful tips that all great players advise to follow. They can maximize your chances of scoring more wins than losses. 

 Make a Positive Start

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This can be in terms of body language, shot selection, or even court positions. Tennis players try different things to other strategies to get on the front foot right at the start of the match. This may vary from serving out an ace, hitting a great return shot, or maybe a pulverizing forehand down the line. Therefore, a positive start is one of the keys to win tennis matches.  We can also see many players trying different options as the game starts. This can vary from Federer’s poetic warm-up to Rafael Nadal zigzag run around the court. It just sets you in rhythm for the battle ahead. 

Stay in the Moment To Win Tennis Matches

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This may sound easier than done. Tennis players on the court go through many emotions and distractions. From a crowd booing to an unforced error, different tennis matches will present various challenges. The key is to play the match point by point and shot by shot. However, this requires extreme focus and resilience. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are known as the masters of this art.  They have the incredible focus and hunger to play with the same intensity from start to finish. 

Strategies and Spontaneity Is Important To Win Tennis Matches

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 In the age of technology, players use everything possible to make effective match-winning strategies. Professional tennis matches become like all-out battles in terms of ruthlessness and professionalism. But a strategy is only as good as it works on the court. Many times, certain planning and strategy may backfire. And so, great tennis players are quick to respond to these changes. This spontaneity, like taking the ball early, varying their court position, etc. makes things tricky for the opponents. Hence, to win tennis matches, great tennis players will use a mix of strategy and spontaneity.

 Patience, Self Belief and Enjoying the Game

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Great tennis players often turn potential losses into victories. This is due to a great self-belief on the court. It happens that during tennis matches, your opponent is going all out. He is also playing outstanding shots to which you have fewer answers. Great players thus wait for their chances, stay positive, and maintain extreme self-belief. Therefore, once the opponents drop their level, they go for the kill. They do it with a lot of intensity and clinical efficiency.

Finally, one never sees tennis players like Federer or Djokovic get bored or tired in a match. They enjoy their tennis matches, be it a quick win over the opponent or a massive 5 set marathon. This makes these players as legends and champions. Monica Seles famously used to say, ‘’wins and losses happen, you just got to enjoy being on the court.’’

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