Kinect Tennis Tips You Should Explore And Try To Improve Your Game

kinect tennis tips

Are you looking to win the next time you play a friendly game of tennis on the Xbox Kinect? If you are then here are some quick strategies and moves that can be brought into play for you to show off and win against your friends the next time all of you get together. When it comes to a sport like Tennis, mentality, strategy, and stamina is key even when it is played on a user interface like Kinect. However, strategizing against expert players can be annoying especially if they score consecutive wins so here are a few Kinect tennis tips listed below for you to practice on in order to outdo your friends and reward yourself with the sweet taste of victory.

Kinect Tennis Tips – Power Serves

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An underrated but crucial tip is perfecting the first serve as it directs the course of the game. A controlled ball toss and the type of employed serve is key. Make sure to step in front and lean your body forward before hitting the ball when it is at its very peak with full force as this usually lands the player an ace in the game. Practice serving movements and improving the speed of the slings of the arm for powerful serves.

Multiplayer Split Screen

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This is easier to play and unlock new achievements when compared to playing matches between friends online. It makes players competitive and can even be considered a good cardio workout with the amount of force exerted and movement required. It can be seen as interminably tiresome or as a gratifying sport, depending on the perspective of the player but it is nonetheless fun to play and Kinect makes it easier for beginners as well since they do not have to worry about any actual hard balls flying their way or lengthy courts to run across in back and forth.

Kinect Tennis Tips – Timing

Badly timed serves or shots affect your score greatly therefore it is important to time then according to the swings of the ball so that you do not miss a single shot. Ensure you position yourself accordingly before the game begins for further accuracy and identify the opponent’s distinct shots as this will help you improve your positioning better as the game advances. Also, do not forget to pay attention to your wrist movements as well especially during forehand and backhand shots.

As you might already know, the time is quite important and you will be able to get a hold of this timing only when you keep practicing. One way is to learn your opponent and play accordingly and another is to have your own set of strategies.


By tracking your body with an advanced infrared camera, sensors, and microphone, Kinect makes sports games like tennis entertaining within the comforts of our own home but mastering the tricks and tactics to be a pro player even on Kinect takes time and practice but it is not impossible as once you’ve got the hang of it, you can’t stop swinging!

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