Paddle Tennis – A Great Sport For Kids

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Paddle tennis was developed in the late 19th Century by Sir Alfred Kinners. It is essentially a variation of back and forth tennis played on a flatwater paddle. The court is typically smaller than tennis, and the baseline is considerably lower than that of tennis. Unlike other variations, paddle tennis matches usually only use one paddle. As opposed to other variations, paddle tennis players use a flat paddle attached to the bottom of the paddle rather than a strung or collapsible racquet. A single-player typically initiates play, by calling out an ‘arm’ gesture, followed by a paddle directed at his opponent’s paddle.


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Players may find themselves using a single-ply paddle tennis court, but many games are played between two teams using a double-ply court. Because the doubles game is so competitive, the competition often spills over onto the singles court. If you want to play paddle tennis with a team, you should try to get your team involved. One of the best ways to do that is to split the singles game into two groups and then play each pair against each other. You’ll have a lot more fun this way!

In paddle tennis, the ball must bounce off of one another continuously until the racquets touch. When the ball does touch, a foul is called, and play is stopped. However, if the racquets hit each other, play will continue. This rule is different than in baseball when the ball goes into the field; because in tennis, once the ball bounces, play is stopped.

The racquets used in this game are lightweight and made from a hard material. Several different racquets can be used, depending on how many players there are. The platform is made of heavy gauge steel that makes it durable and long-lasting. It’s important to note that because it’s light, the balls used don’t have to weigh a great deal. A regulation ball might be used, but it isn’t necessary.

Type Of Balls

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The balls used for this sport come in all different sizes, including youth, junior, senior, recreational, and professional. They also come in various weights. The regulation weight for this game is eighteen inches, which is a good size for beginners to start with. The shafts used in this type of tennis are usually made from wood, but they can be of metal as well.

The upper part of the paddle court has three types of rails to allow the ball to roll easily through them. Each rail is placed a little higher than the one beneath it, which allows the ball to have better control and speed. The size of the court varies, but a standard-size court spreads quickly. This means that games can be quickly played, allowing parents to get children involved in this sport without a lot of time spent on setup.

Paddle Tennis is played between two teams, using paddles or balls. While playing this game at a public tennis court, you may see players using a ball with one end having a net and the other net containing glass walls. These glass walls separate the players, allowing them to play the sport where it was first introduced over 100 years ago.

As with most sports, the rules for Paddle Tennis may vary slightly from country to country, but the concept is the same. Different variations of the sport have been created, but the basic setup is very similar. Two people play against each other on an inner court, called a single or doubles court. There are usually two teams on the opposite teams of the inner court. Each team must alternate sides, going across the net every other time.

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