Proper Table Tennis Gear

table tennis gear

Table tennis needs the right equipment to be able to play properly. There are many important and particular type of equipment you need to play this game. Here are essential table tennis gear that you must invest in.


A table topped with a blue ball

Table tennis ball is typically 2.7 gm. It is a small celluloid ball that is often white or orange in color. These also come in various qualities such as one with three stars and less. The 3 star ball is the best for table tennis. The balls come in range of sizes right from 38 mm to 54 mm in diameter. The 40 mm diameter ball is used in international leagues and competitions.

Rubber, Racket and Paddle

A close up of a ball

A ping pong or table tennis racket is also known as a paddle. It is a tool to hit the ball back and forth. A paddle is shaped just like a tennis racket, except that it is smaller in size and is made from different materials. The racket is made of wood and rubber and is divided into two parts – the blade and the handle. Both these need to be of good quality as problem in any one can lead to poor quality of play. It is necessary that the player chooses a good quality racket to play with. The kind of rubber used in the blade can affect the amount and type of spin, while hitting the ball. Rackets are available in pre-made and customized options.

Table Tennis Table

A table tennis table is also an essential equipment in the game. An official table tennis table should be 9 ft long, 5 ft wide and must be placed 30 inches high from the floor. These are available in various colors like blue, green or black. The surface of the table must be very smooth and should provide the least friction.

Net and Post

A table tennis net is an important equipment that is purchased together with the table or rackets. It should be six feet long and six inches wide. It should have an upper white tape that is not wider than 15 mm. The table should be assembled easily and should be attached to the middle of the table tennis table.

Apart from this proper table tennis equipment, one must also wear proper clothes that provide easy movement and flexibility. You need to wear proper sports shoes and loose sports material clothes to enable easy flexibility. You should be able to move front and back at speed to be able to catch the ball at the right time. This is one sport that does not require any particular clothes. You can wear any good quality shoes and loose-fitting clothes to be able to move easily. Buy only from good brands to rule out any issues later on. So, invest in table tennis equipment and enjoy your game just like a pro.

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