Quick Tennis Training Exercises That Players Can Do At Home

tennis training exercises

Exercise plays an important role in the life of every athlete and tennis players are not different at all. There are many exercises that tennis players need to do so that they can remain fit and healthy. These are some quick tennis training exercises and the athletes can do these tennis training exercises in the gym as well as at home so that they can make the most of their game and win every single one. These are easy as well as very effective to make the athlete feel better and make themselves fitter for the game.

Bench Press

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This one is a great exercise that works your chest, triceps, and shoulders as well. This is what you need for that amazing serve in tennis which makes this exercise very important for every player. If the bench press is performed in the right manner then there is nothing as great as that to build the upper body of a tennis player. You can practice this one with some lightweight dumbbells if you are new whereas you can do it with heavy weights if you are doing it regularly. If you are looking to become a tennis player then this the one exercise that you must add in your exercise regimen to make it better.

Box Jump

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It is sometimes required for you to leap so that you can give a real hard slam so you need strength in your lower body for that. Box jumps are fun exercises that you can do and these do not have much impact which is great. You can do some amazing jumps and diving movements if you practice these jumps on a regular basis. It also improves your ability of coming back down after you have just taken a leap and it can reduce the impact that your feet might experience which is great. You must practice box jumps daily if you want to come down with ease and without putting too much pressure on your feet.

Goblet Squat

Squats are amazing for building your lower body and so that you can use those legs for as much time as you want without getting tired. Goblet squats are a great variation for squats and beginners and trained athletes both can do this to train their lower body muscles so that they are ready for their next match in the ebay possible way. These squats are fun to do and you can never go wrong with them. So, practice them daily so that you can get a killer set of legs.


These are some quick tanning training exercises that athletes can do at home or in the gym. These are very easy exercises and help the athletes build the muscles that they need in order to win the game. The exercises are very important and should be done everyday so that the athlete can develop the stamina and use it in the game to beat the opponent.

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