Scoring In Tennis: Points, Sets & Games

Tennis is a sport in which a player plays with the racket. And scoring in a tennis game is one player play against a single opponent this is known as singles. And if the game is between two teams of two players in each team, then it’s known as doubles. In this game, the player uses tennis racket and strike ball into the opponent’s court. It’s an Olympic sport, and it’s played in levels. It was first played in 1873 by Major Walter Wingfield. 

Scoring In Tennis
Scoring In Tennis

Game Framework

This game is made up of two to three sets.

To win the game, players need to win at least six games.

The game starts at zero, but in tennis, it’s called love.

And the score goes up to 40.

Score 40 is just four points.

This game has 4 points from love means zero.

Then after love, the first point is 15, then it’s 30, then 40 then that last point which is known as a game point.

The last game point is deciding who will win the game.

Starting Game

At the start who will serve first is determined by flip a coin or spin a racket.

Whoever will win the flip a coin or spin a racket will get to decide one of four things:

Scoring In Tennis
Scoring In Tennis

a. Whether he or she wants to serve first or not.

b. Can choose if he or she wants to receive first.

c. The winner of the toss will decide which side of the court wants to start on.

d. Or he or she can leave all the choices up to the opponent.

After all, this, whoever will serve the first will continues to serve until that game is over.

The player can serve form any place in the court from behind the baseline to the center mark on the court.

Scoring In Tennis

This game has a series of points. To win the game, you need to win four points. And the margin has to be of two or more points. In this game each point has different point value like 0 is “love or zero’, then 1 point is corresponding “15”,  then 2 points are corresponding “30”, then 3 points are corresponding “40” and at last 4 points is the corresponding game.

Rules For Scoring In Tennis

If you won 1 point and your opponent in at 0 then before serving, you will say “love-30.”

Each time you serve, you get two tries.

The serve must go over the net and land in the service box opponent.

It should bounce once before the opponent returns the tennis ball.

In case you serve, and it doesn’t land in the service box then you get another chance.

But if you miss the second chance, then you will lose your 1 point.

In case your serve grazed the net and landed in the service box then that service is not counted.

If the game set, you are hitting, and your opponent is also hitting back, and if you miss the shot, then the opponent will get the point.

In case the score is tied at 40 than its “40-all” or ‘deuce.”

That player will win the game that will score 40 in the first place. And the game will be over.

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