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table tennis tips

Table tennis is a popular type of indoor sporting activity, loved by many. The exciting and stimulating nature of the sport is what attracts many youngsters to it. Children love the opportunity to exercise and have fun while playing a sport. As the sport has grown over the years, so has the equipment and other items necessary to play the game. The importance of having the right equipment cannot be stressed enough. Without proper equipment table tennis can turn out to be a very dangerous game for the player.

An Overview

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While table tennis can be a very enjoyable and competitive sport, it is not an easy one. It takes skill, strategy, and the ability to read the opponents reactions to be successful. Most players learn their game by watching others play it. There are many good online resources that can help the new player get a feel for the rules of the game.

During play the player should always try to control the ball. It is important to remember that this is a vital weapon, with an accurate shot you can take down your opponent. Control the ball by moving it in a circular motion around the table and avoid sudden movements or jerks. You will want to look for any opening in the opponent’s court, from where you can lob the ball.

Main Tricks

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The importance of keeping the ball away from your opponents while playing can be illustrated by the way a player covers their racket. If they are holding it too tightly, or perhaps holding it so tightly that the ball slips past their fingers, then they are in danger of losing control of the ball. It is recommended that the player cover their racket with either a handkerchief or a towel. If they cover their racket with a towel, it is imperative that they wipe it after every game. The towel is an excellent substitute for wiping the racquet when it gets dirty.

Many table tennis tips focus on learning how to position oneself in a certain way so that they can get an advantage over their opponent. For instance, if an opponent is standing very close to the net, then it is recommended that the player that is not close to the net cover that net with something like a towel. This way if the opponent tries to hit it doesn’t make it over the net, then they have an extra buffer of protection. However, positioning the body is not the only thing that is important when it comes to table tennis tips.

Know Strategy

It is also very important to consider your strategy when you are playing table tennis. If you are on offense, then it is highly recommended that you hit your opponent’s side of the table. When you are on defense, then you want to be very sure that you don’t leave yourself open to being taken down. There are many instances when players have been forced to retire from a match due to being bent over backwards because they were not controlling their strokes. Always try to keep your posture and stance as straight as possible, so that you are less likely to find yourself in that position.

One other very important tip that many people tend to forget is to pay attention to where you place your foot when striking the ball. When you are taking a shot you should place your front heel down on the ground. This will help you to increase the power that you apply when delivering the ball, and it will also increase your agility and quickness.


These are just some of the more common table tennis tips. There are many more important things that you should know about the sport, such as where to place your feet and how to ward off an opponent. However, if you stick with it, you will be able to enjoy a great game of tennis. Just make sure that you are practicing the tips above regularly, and you should find that they start to come more naturally to you as you get more involved in the game.

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