Tennis Equipment : The Fundamental Requirements

Tennis Equipment : The Fundamental Requirements

Essential Tennis Equipment:

Tennis Equipment – Tennis Racket

Tennis rackets have different sizes and shapes. Certain tennis-rackets are suitable for specific players, depending on their performance and strategies of playing. One should remember certain things before buying the best tennis racket. Firstly, racket head, an essential part of the tennis-racket. It is advisable to buy a tennis-racket with bigger racket-head.

Having a larger racket-head is useful for beginners. The second important factor is the weight of the tennis-racket. The racket must be lightweight. A lightweight tennis-racket is easy to swing and less tiring to play. Thirdly, one should remember the grip size of the tennis-racket.

Tennis Equipment – Tennis Ball

Tennis balls come with different inner pressure. It takes a particular time to get used to a specific type of tennis ball. We recommend you to buy the tennis ball you feel comfortable playing. You should remember a few essential factors before purchasing a tennis ball.

Tennis Equipment : The Fundamental Requirements
Tennis Equipment: The Fundamental Requirements

 Firstly, one must choose between a pressure less or pressurized ball. The pressureless balls are mostly preferred for the starters. Pressureless tennis balls bounce because of the rubber present at the core, not because of pressure. On the other hand, pressurized tennis balls are more common and suitable for expert players. When it is a high altitude, these tennis balls go higher and with a speedy motion.

Secondly, one has to choose between a regular duty ball or a heavy-duty ball.

Tennis Strings

There are different types of tennis strings. Mostly the tennis strings are divided into natural gut strings and synthetic strings. The natural gut strings come from a part cow intestine. This part is known as the serosa. On the other hand, most of the time, the synthetic tennis strings consists of polyester.

Each type of tennis strings has its pros and cons. The natural gut strings give more power and strengths while hitting the tennis ball. On the other hand, the synthetic racket-strings provide more shocks and vibrations to the arm of the player while hitting the ball.

You should remember a few things before buying a tennis string. Firstly, the power of the racket-string.  Some tennis strings returned substantially more energy when a ball struck the racket-string. The returned energy easily generate rhythm. Racket-strings with higher power need less effort to create velocity. On the other hand, low powered strings require more effort.

Tennis Equipment : The Fundamental Requirements
Tennis Equipment: The Fundamental Requirements

Secondly, the spin of the ball is another crucial factor. There are a variety of spin controlling factors. Natural gut strings provide more potential for generating topspin than synthetic ones.

Thirdly, control over the ball.

Natural gut strings let the player understand the movement of a tennis ball when it comes in contact with the racket-string. Besides, it gives better control over the tennis ball.

Tennis Grips

Tennis grips come with different types. The leather grips are costly but durable. If you don’t prefer to use a leather grip, install a grip at the top.

Other Tennis Equipment That Might Be Required In Some Cases:

Vibration Dampeners

String Savers

Sweat Bands

Sun Screen

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