Tennis Gear For Women – Get The Right Stuff

tennis gear for women

Every woman dreams of being on the tennis court, and there is no better place to practice your strokes than at a tennis equipment shop. Tennis equipment includes clothes, accessories, shoes, head gears and balls. Most tennis players have their own rackets and drawers for their tennis gear. Here are some items needed when you’re on court:


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Tennis gear for women usually consists of a basic shirt and shorts combination with socks, a pair of socks for the courts and a tennis ball bag or enclosure to carry it all in. It can be fun carrying around your tennis equipment, but for a professional it’s not so enjoyable. Many players carry extra outfits such as shorts, tights and even skirts with them.


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Tennis equipment for women often consists of slip-ons or closed-toe shoes for when playing on hard court, and then a pair of tennis flats for the grass court. You can choose from many brands. Some brands to look for are sponsored by the major tennis brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. Other brands to consider are Jovani and K-Swiss. A great tennis shoe for rainy conditions is called Air Max, which has excellent waterproofing features.

Head Gear:

Tennis equipment for women may include visors, ear protection, ear plugs, wrist guards and tennis bags. These all can come in over-the-shoulder styles or pullover styles. There are also visors designed specifically for women. If you tend to sweat a lot, then investing in a good pair of sweat guard eyewear would be a wise choice. Ear plugs are a must, and tennis elbow padding can help take the edge off your elbows.


Tennis equipment for women is almost always packed with tennis balls. However, some of the top brands now have balls designed especially for women players. This can be an advantage because they are smaller than standard balls and do not have the weight of other balls that you would use when playing tennis. It is important that you choose the correct ball and do not mix up the balls – this could have disastrous consequences. Find out what brands offer tennis balls specifically designed for women players.

Tennis Shoes:

Tennis shoes are an absolute essential when playing tennis, even for women. Because tennis is played on surfaces that are very aggressive and hard, a tennis shoe can protect you against injury. The tennis gear for women that is available has been designed to provide maximum comfort, breath ability and durability. Look for tennis shoes that are lightweight, so you do not feel like you are dragging your foot along the floor.


When considering your tennis gear for women, also look at other accessories. There are tennis bags available for carrying clothes and accessories, which can make things easier if you get caught up in the rush of the game. Look for tennis bags that can be folded flat, so that you can take it with you if you need to travel or if you get bored carrying all your tennis gear. Some brands offer bags that have side compartments and zippered pockets you can put your tennis shoes in, to help you carry them around.

Bottom Line

Other tennis gear for women includes tennis balls, towels and sports bags. If you play regularly, you will probably want to buy more tennis balls, as well as a bag to keep them in. Tennis bags are another option, and many brands offer different sized bags. You can get a bag that is specifically made for tennis, or you can buy one that will fit any type of purse or handbag. You may find that some brands offer tennis gear for women in every size.

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