Slice Backhand Fundamentals

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Tennis is an admirable sport all over the world. Furthermore, it has numerous health and social benefits. You must know the game fundamentals to play a good game. The backhand slice stroke is one of the best shots in this game. It has the strength to change the rhythm of the game immediately. You can use it to neutralize shots and play effectively. In this article, we describe a tennis lesson to clear the fundamentals of this stroke with drills. Hence, tennis lovers must read this article very attentively.

Tennis Lesson: Slice Backhand Fundamentals
Tennis Lesson: Slice Backhand Fundamentals

The slice backhand requires a proper mental discipline. It is because you need to keep on sideways for a longer time. During this shot, people often mistake to float too much. It leads to high bouncing but not able to get enough speed. The people usually like to hit a two-handed backhand stroke. It needs high rotation to execute it. Hence, their body keeps rotating even when they want to play this slice. This racket path will not be able to get the power in the shot. Usually, there are two reasons for the over-rotation of many people in this stroke. They are:

  • People consistently turn body during this technique. It is because they hit 90 percent stroke using two hands. Hence, they get used to this turning.
  • Turning head quickly also impact shoulders. It may be due to mental nervousness also.

3 Drills For Backhand Slice Fundamentals: Tennis Lesson

Here, we are providing some drills that will help you to clear the fundamentals of this stroke.

Walking Through The Slice

You need to walk across the court in this drill. During the walk, pay attention to the orientation of the body. Orient your body in the direction of the step. Play backhand slices during this activity.

When you walk, you will find it challenging to rotate during the shot. Hence, it can help you to give up the natural habit of turning. In one go, you can hit three balls. Repeat this drill ten times.

Tennis Lesson: Slice Backhand Fundamentals
Tennis Lesson: Slice Backhand Fundamentals

Hitting Backwards: Tennis Lesson

Our body must be 90 degrees away from stroke direction in a backward slice. We have to remain sideways after the ball contact in proper technique. However, over-rotating removes the power from the stroke. Try to hit in a backward way. It helps you to produce power in your stroke even when you are not rotating the body.

Stay in a neutral position and play backhand slice shots over the net. Now, try to drop the tennis ball close to your body. Hit the ball to the side fence behind yourself. It is a useful drill for the improvement in the backhand slice.

Hitting Downwards

The backhand slice is a linear and downward stroke. However, people recognize it as a circular or horizontal one. We see professional players turning their shoulders after hitting. Therefore, we try to follow the same.

The fundamental technique of this shot includes not rotating while hitting. Hit slice backhands in the downward direction close to the net. Now, remain on sideways and then try to play the diagonal strokes. While playing a stroke, pull blades of shoulders together. Try to keep your chest muscle stretched. It helps to generate too much power in the shot without rotating.

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