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Serena Williams, the tennis star from Australia is very much in the news these days. She has many fans all over the world. She is playing in some of the most important events like the French open and Wimbledon. Her talent is catching the attention of many fans and is expected to play at the top level in the coming years.

Know About Serena

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Serena has played her first Wimbledon in the Sydney stadium called the Stadium Tennis Center. Her performance was really impressive. She beat the world No.1, Victoria Azarenka, and it was a great achievement for her. She is still playing at a very high level. Her win over the world champion in this major event will surely help her in achieving the ultimate goal of becoming the best tennis player in the world.

The Australian Open Win

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The following week she won the women’s singles final at the Australian Open at the Sydney Olympic Park. In this occasion she defeated the two time defending champion, Ana Ivanovic. The match went into the third set and even after winning the first set, Serena was unable to keep up with the former champion. After winning the third set she showed great strength and discipline by taking the first set again.

She won the tournament after defeating her sister Venus in the second round of the New Jersey grand final. The match was a great victory for Serena and she will play at the highest level in the coming years.

Another major event that Serena is involved in is the Australian Open in Melbourne where she is playing the fourth grand final of her career. This will be her first grand final in almost four years since she lost to Venus in the French open final at the US open.

Knowing About Victoria

Victoria will be her opponent for the final. They have been both in the world top twenty in the past couple of years. They are both playing their best tennis in their careers and they can play the deciding game to win the tournament. Both players are playing at their best and they will try their best to beat each other to become the best female tennis player. For Victoria this will be her first major tournament since she has won Wimbledon.

If Serena and Victoria play in the final, it will be the third time they will face each other. There was also the Wimbledon final where they met in the third set. and Victoria won. Serena won the first set but then lost the second set to her sister.

Serena has defeated Venus in all of her previous Grand slams but they both want to be number one. so there will be another fight. And if they play well, the winner of the Wimbledon final will become the top female player of all time.

Final Words

No doubt this is one of the most important matches for both players, as they will both want to become the best female player. and get their first Grand slam trophy. They will both be looking forward to this final with great excitement and will give their best until the very end.

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