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Tennis is the game of fitness and stamina. As we saw, many players came to play with colossal fame but losses to the younger ones. It is hard to win and hold the records consistently. Some players won the grand slams always and create a career. Here is a list of some tennis players who are still in our memory and will be as long as the championship occurs.

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Tennis Players: Best In The World

Best Tennis Players In The World

Martina Hingis

Five Grand Slams Titles (U.S. Open, Wimbledon and three times Australian Open), thirteen times Grand Slams Doubles titles, seven Mixed Doubles titles and two Tour Final titles. The Czechoslovakian tennis player Martina Hingis from 1994 started her career with a blazing forty-five titles. For 209 weeks she holds her number one ranking in the world. At the age of 22, unfortunately, she retires due to an injury. With Doubles and Mixed Doubles, she made a comeback in the tennis court. Winning three Grand Slams Titles, she retires from the court of the championship in the year 2017. Too many upcoming players she will be an inspiration for her zeal on the court.

Andre Agassi

In the year 1986, with a rock star attitude, the young Andre Agassi from Nevada surprised everyone and made an entry to the world-class tennis court. He holds 61 career titles including 4 Australian Open, 2 U.S. Open, one Wimbledon and one French Open. Agassi’s groundstrokes and legend server return made him a famous player. He won the World Cup in the year 1996. In the year 2011, he secured a place at the ‘Tennis Hall Of Fame.’ Agassi and his legend wife Steffi  Graf was always known for giving back to the community. The champion on and off the court retired from tennis in the tear 2006. An inspiration for all the tennis players.

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Tennis Players: Best In The World

Pete Sampras

Wining 64 career titles and holding the number one position for consecutive six years it was a mishap that he did not win a French Open. The Californian Pete Sampras inducted to the Tennis Hall Of Fame in the year 2007. Pete won 7 Wimbledon,  5 U.S. Open and 2 Australian Open. Towards the end of his career, he is still in everyone’s memory for the epic game with Andre Agassi in the 1900s’. Pete was comfortable in grass court and hard court. He retired after winning his last Grand Slam title U.S. Open in 2002. Pete Sampras is one of the best tennis players of all time.

Martina Navratilova

With a career span of 19 years, the Czechoslovakian Martina Navratilova won 167 career titles to her credit. She won 59 Grand Slams in total which includes 18 Singles, 31 Doubles, and 10 Mixed Doubles. In her career, Martina won 9 Wimbledon, 4 U.S. Opens, 3 Australian and 2 French Open. In her fitness level, she was top-notch. In the year 2000, Martina secured a place in the Tennis Hall Of Fame. From 1975 to 1994 she holds the record of winning 9 Wimbledon titles. Martina is an ever remembering player of the tennis court.