Tennis Rates Available For Visitors to Rome on a Budget

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Georgia Tech is a perfect college to attend if you are a student looking for an exciting, challenging, and action-packed college life. The Atlanta campus offers one of the most technologically advanced and well-known colleges in the world. This is a great opportunity for you as a student to explore all the possibilities offered by a traditional college and the amazing opportunities that exist on the Internet. If you are planning to join Georgia Tech, then here is some important information about the university and its exciting offerings.

There is a massive pro shop located at the West End of the Georgia Tech campus and this is where you can pick up all your college gear and souvenirs. The tennis courts are located just a few blocks from here and the Georgia Highways offer excellent transportation to and from the school. There is also a very good parking lot and this is where you can park your car before heading to any of the Georgia Tech tennis courts. The tennis courts are located on Hwy 695, just a short distance from the Georgia Tech campus.

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If you are looking forward to playing tennis, you can enter the Georgia Tech Indoor Practice Court, which has a total length of 1500 feet. This court was specifically designed to provide the necessary conditions for a player to develop his or her skills. This court does not have direct sunlight, so the players can use it all year round. There is also a projector located on the front of the court so when you play tennis you will be able to view the other player’s activities on the monitor located on the opposite side of the court.

The men’s and women’s teams have separate facilities. Men’s tennis has two half-court complexes with full size bunkers while women’s tennis has one single-elimination half-court. You will also find that there is a full-sized putting green as well as a putter shop and a golf cart parking lot. You will also notice that there is a steam room along with a steam room for the ladies. The tennis courts are divided into quadrants that run the full length of the court. Each quadrant has a name such as blue-green-yellow and so on.

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Sunday tennis matches can be found on the Georgia Tech campus. There are four total distances in which to play on the Georgia Tech courts. The first being the half-court, which is one-quarter of a mile; the next being the full court, which is two and a half miles; the third being the senior quads, which is three and a half miles; and finally the Etowah park, which is six and a half miles. There are two single-elimination games and six double elimination games.

During the day, you will find the players running around and playing on the courts. Saturday, tennis tournaments will begin at ten o’clock in the morning. The first tournament check-in will take place fifteen minutes before play begins. Players who are checking in will receive a wrist band that they will wear while they are playing. Tennis players can also register for a free hat or scarf when they arrive at the tournament.

For all those who travel to Rome on a weekend or a holiday, there are plenty of hotels and inns that offer discounts on hotel and restaurant fees. These include the Hotel Ca’Sagredo, Grand Hyatt Rome, Renaissance Hotel, and the Marriott. There are plenty of daytime activities as well, such as the Autogasiaci per la Tour de Rome, where participants can enjoy beverages from a giant ice bucket. Another great option is the sundowner suites, which are booked directly with the Rome Tennis Stadium. All of these hotels and inns offer affordable tennis rates available to travelers on a budget.

Final Words 

Traveling to Rome should be an enjoyable experience. However, if travelers do not book their hotels and restaurants correctly, it could turn out to be a costly mistake. Therefore, it is important to do some research before leaving on vacation. With proper research, it is possible to plan a trip that will truly be enjoyable and inexpensive.

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