Tennis Rules And Scoring System

Tennis Rules And Scoring System

Tennis is one of the complex games in terms of scoring system and rules. It may be difficult for you to comprehend the important tennis rules if you are new to the game. Each game and set is decided by certain rules about how a player can win. It also makes this great sport a thrill to watch as the players have a chance to register a comeback at any stage. Here are the set of rules that govern the scoring system and consequent match results in tennis. 

Tennis Rules: Winning Games and Sets 

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The most important tennis rules are related to how every game is decided in a set. A player needs to win 5 points (0, 15, 30, 40, and advantage) to get ahead in a game. If both the players go to the 40-40 score in a game, it is termed as deuce. As per the important tennis rules, the winner needs to score two back to back points and create a difference of 2 points to win the game.

In a normal tennis set, the player who wins six games first but with a difference of 2 is declared as a winner. Thus according to the important tennis rules, you can win a set 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, etc. but not at 6-5. If neither of the two players can break the serve of the opponent, then the set will go to a tie-breaker. Here both the players get one additional challenge. 

The important tennis rules for a tie-breaker state that a player has to win 7 points but with the difference of 2. The players can win tie-breakers at 7-5, 7-4, etc. but not 7-6. If the tie-breaker reaches beyond that, then a player who creates the difference of 2 points at first is declared victorious in the tie-breaker. Thus, the players need to break the opponent’s serve at least once. The tie-break winner also takes the set. 

Tennis Rule: Winning Matches and Tournaments

Tennis Rules And Scoring System
Tennis Rules And Scoring System

The important tennis rules for winning matches differ in tournaments. All the WTA matches are decided in the best of 3 sets. Thus, the players who win two sets also win the match. In men’s tennis, the important tennis rules in different tournaments may vary slightly. The Grand Slam matches among male tennis players are decided on the best of 5 formats. All other tournaments, including the ATP Master’s 100s, ATP 500s, and the Nitto year-end finale, are decided in the best of 3 sets. 

Before 2019, there was no tie-breaker in the Grand Slam matches. However, the matches would often stretch very long. Thus in 2019, many important tennis rules were modified, permitting the tie-breakers in the slams. However, there is a slight variation across the four majors.  

The Australian Open allows a super tie-breaker where a player can win by reaching 10 points first but with a difference of 2. The Wimbledon championships have regular tie-breakers, but only when the score reaches 12-12 in the final set. The US Open has regular tiebreakers like other tennis tournaments.

These are the important tennis rule that you need to know. We hope that this will help you to understand this great sport better.

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