Tennis Tips for Kids


The game of tennis is highly popular among young boys and girls. These youngsters adore popular tennis players like Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, and Novak Djokovic, etc. They often try to imitate their shots and style. In this article, we bring to you some of the handy tennis tips that will be popular among the kids loving tennis. Read on for this interesting piece of information

Work on your Fitness

Tennis Tips for Kids
Tennis Tips for Kids

For the kids loving tennis and aspiring to be future tennis stars, the overall fitness is very important.  Tennis is a game of high endurance and athleticism. It involves a lot of energy-draining sessions from running to hitting. Hence one of the basic tennis tips for kids is to improve on their fitness. 

Paul Annacone the renowned tennis coach who coached stars like Pete Sampras and Roger Federer often says, ‘’ it is not possible to be a great tennis player unless you are a great athlete.’’ Thus you should hit the gym, exercise regularly and build muscle strength and stamina. This will help you not ensure long hours on the court don’t drain your energy levels. 

Hit the Courts Regularly 

If you are among the kids loving tennis and wishing to become a professional tennis player one day, then more and more practice is what you need. Take tennis tips from your seniors and coaches and work on them. You should know your strengths and weaknesses and try to work on them. Great tennis players always work on their weaknesses to avoid getting exposed to the court.

Have a Positive Attitude

Tennis Tips for Kids
Tennis Tips for Kids

This is not just among the basic tennis tips but also a valuable life lesson. The kids loving tennis must know that it is a hard and demanding game. You can lose matches sometimes even after playing your best tennis. Unwanted mistakes and unforced errors will come at a crucial time. Having a positive attitude helps you to avoid frustrations on the court as well as bounce back quickly.

Those kids loving tennis and having a positive mental attitude will also give their best even when things don’t go their way. As the great Rafael Nadal often says,’’ the best tennis tips for young and upcoming players is to work day in and day out with right intensity and a positive mindset.’’ 

Master your Game Everyday

Tennis is a dynamic game and hence for the kids loving tennis, a dynamic mindset is helpful. You must constantly improve your game, add variety to your shots and focus on exploring new areas of improvement. Great players like Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic strive to improve every day even after achieving so much in their careers. This is termed as the champion’s mentality.

It is a tennis tip that every coaching manual has as the first lesson. You must be hungry for success and hence hungry for improvement. It will come with a combination of constant practice and observing your game. Also, make use of technology like TV recordings, the Internet, etc to know how great players train and play. Follow their tennis tips and try to have a disciplined work ethic.

These are some of the useful tips for kids loving tennis. Follow these and improve your tennis game.