The Most Difficult Thing In Tennis

The Most Difficult Thing In Tennis

Tennis is one game that is filled with several challenges. It might get a little difficult for you to point out the real challenge of playing this game. Many players fear the technical aspect of the game and are of the view that they can do justice to their shots. But the problem is that rarely do players address the main reason for the mistakes they make. Here, we will have a look at the most difficult thing in tennis.

The Most Difficult Thing In Tennis
The Most Difficult Thing In Tennis

Most Difficult Thing In Tennis: Technical, Physical And Mental Issues

Many players are of the view that they cannot handle the technical aspects of the game. These include proper footwork, achieving proper racquet grip, perfect serve technique, the right way of beating pushers, making the opponent run, playing on flat and fast surfaces, and working on the perfect shots. Others find the physical part problematic.

You will also find players suffering from their mental game. Besides these significant challenges, there is an even more difficult problem. It is deciding correctly and tactically about how you will be playing in not more than half a second. A tennis enthusiast must choose around 300 to 400 times, in 4:2 sets, how and what he will be playing. He needs to make these decisions in just half a second.

Most Difficult Thing: Varied Factors When Going For A Shot

You need to hit your shot in tennis by taking several factors into account. Your decision of choosing the shot should be based on factors like:

  • Your skills and abilities in playing tennis.
  • The type of shot you will be receiving.
  • Your position in the court.
  • The abilities and skills of the opponent
  • Your opponent’s position in the court
  • Type of surface for the game
  • Game conditions like sunlight and wind
  • Opponent’s physical and mental state
  •  Own physical and mental state
  • The scores.

Taking the factors mentioned above into account will help you in hitting the most effective shot. You will be able to make your decision quite quickly because your brain has sufficient time to send the right signals to the muscles. Also, your body has enough time to take the perfect action.

The potential of deciding correctly within the shortest time possible is more important in tennis than anything else. However, many tennis players tend to overlook this vital aspect. It is one of the reasons why it takes a good time for people to learn to play the game tactically.

The Most Difficult Thing In Tennis
The Most Difficult Thing In Tennis

Learn To Make Better Decisions

Tennis players need to make several correct and incorrect decisions throughout the game. They do not have much time to analyze different situations consciously and then come up with the final decision. They hardly have half a second in their hands. Thus, practising specific situations and isolating situations accordingly can help the players.

As a tennis player, if you are looking forward to making quick and perfect decisions, you need to isolate different situations and work on them. Keep adding options gradually.

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