The Most Important Key To Developing Great Tennis Strength Training

tennis strength training

For all sports, tennis is a good example of a sport where proper tennis strength training is essential for the athlete. If you train young players, it’s important for their off-court training to be perfect as well. Having a strong, flexible, and powerful athlete is exactly what is required if you intend to have the greatest out of any tennis player. Therefore, learning the six Basic Fundamentals of Tennis Strength Training is just one of the many important factors in off-court training.

Learn Basic Fundamentals

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Before getting into the exercises themselves, there are a few things that should be understood about training for tennis strength training and specifically, the six Basic Fundamentals. First of all, you should understand the meaning of maximal strength and flexibility. Maximal strength refers to the exertion of maximal power against gravity, while flexibility is defined as being flexible enough to move with the movements of your body without breaking a sweat. This knowledge is extremely important for you to decide which exercises will be best for your goals.

Discuss your goals

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While you’re discussing your goals with your physical trainer, you should also discuss your training goals about improving your upper body strength and power. Most people focus on their lower body when it comes to tennis strength training, but you should also consider strengthening your upper body as well. For instance, doing plyometrics on your forehand may seem like a good idea at first, but actually, you’ll find that it doesn’t generate the maximum amount of power for your forehand shots (as opposed to shots on the opposite side of your body). Therefore, instead of doing plyometrics, you should be concentrating on doing high-intensity squats to build up your thigh and leg muscles, respectively.

Before you can begin your tennis strength training program, you need to make sure that you’re in good physical condition. This means that you must have achieved a level of muscular endurance. Muscular endurance allows you to exert maximal force for long periods before your muscles tire and you need to rest. For you to have a muscular endurance level that is equivalent to a fully developed fitness system, you should be exercising for at least 6 weeks every two weeks.

Examine Your Physique

For you to begin your tennis strength training program, you should begin by examining your muscles. You should identify those muscle groups which are currently weak and those that need to be improved upon. Start by doing compound exercises for those large muscle groups that you feel are the strongest, and gradually work your way down from there. Don’t worry about getting into a rut as this is the only way to remain motivated as your body changes shape due to the exercises you’re doing.

After identifying those muscles that you would like to target for improvement, you should then identify the proper tennis-specific movement that will help you with these muscle groups. For example, if your upper body is weak, you should do exercises such as pull-ups or pull-downs. When your legs and thighs are strong, you should do plyometrics such as box jumps, bounding exercises, or hurdle pressing. All of these movements are tennis-specific movements and all of them should be included in your tennis strength training program.

Strengthen Your Core

After identifying all of these key muscles that you need to improve, you should then move on to strengthening your core. Your core is made up of many smaller muscles that are responsible for your overall body posture. If you want to develop your core for tennis, start by doing squats, push-ups, lunges, and sit-ups. For each of these exercises, you should perform at least one single repetition in the position of your choice for the respective muscle group. Then you should record your maximum weight that you could manage to lift for each of these exercises.


Finally, your last set of exercises should be some cardiovascular exercises. Cardio has become extremely popular among tennis players for several reasons including the ability to improve overall stamina and health. However, you should always make sure to only do high-intensity cardio to avoid burning out early during your tennis strength training program. In this set of exercises, you should include circuit training to work for several muscle groups at once.

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