The Origin Of Forehand And Backhand Tennis Technique

The Origin of Forehand And Backhand Tennis Technique

The forehand and backhand are 2 of the most important shots in tennis. Great players like Roger Federer and Rafel Nadal are well known for having a ferocious forehand shot. Novak Djokovic has one of the best backhand tennis techniques, the game has ever seen.

Going deeper into our quest to know the game of tennis, in this article we try to educate you about the origin, basics and later innovations in the forehand and backhand tennis technique. Read on for the interesting information. 


The Origin of Forehand And Backhand Tennis Technique
The Origin of Forehand Tennis Technique

Forehand is one of the most destructive shots in tennis. It is the key to have a successful tennis career. The forehand technique may involve many complex looking steps but you can make it very simple. 

The forehand is your response shot once the opponent drops the ball shot or hits a slice that has been given flight. The basics of forehand tennis technique lie in body position and weight shifting. 

Once you see the ball is there to be hit, position your body somewhat parallel to the net and along the baseline. Your hitting arm needs a proper back-lift to get force and timing behind the shot. The exact moment you execute your forehand your other arm should be positioned sideways to get the necessary balance. Make contact with the sweet spot of the racquet to ensure that your forehand is a winner.

There are two subcategories of the forehand shot in tennis. The down the line is when a player hits straight through and does not open the crosscourt angle. It is usually played when the opponent is standing on the opposite side of the court. The crosscourt forehand may be slightly difficult to execute. It opens varied angles to the court and making the shot difficult to chase. Rafa Nadal is known for hitting the running down crosscourt forehand with incredible efficiency. 


The Origin of Forehand And Backhand Tennis Technique
The Origin of Forehand And Backhand Tennis Technique

The backhand tennis technique is a bit more difficult to master than a forehand. In the earlier days, the backhand tennis technique was earlier regarded to be a defensive shot. However, later innovations have even made the backhand a very attacking shot on the tennis court. 

Backhand tennis technique may be executed either one-handed or with two hands. It is usually played when the opponent hits the ball slightly deeper on your side of the court. Unlike a side-on posture in the forehand, you need to open up the body a bit while executing the backhand tennis technique.

To play the backhand you need to change the grip a bit and get the racquet towards the opposite side of your playing hand. It is rather somewhat similar to a pull shot in baseball. You drag the force from your nonplaying side during the backhand. For example, a right-handed player will position the racquet towards the left side. Then, they get the desired backlift and execute the backhand while making contact with the ball.

Backhands are also hit down the line and crosscourt. Players like Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic use both hands during the backhand tennis technique execution. Roger Federer has the copybook style one-handed backhand which he plays with great style and ruthless efficiency. However, currently, more and more players are adapting a two-handed backhand tennis technique to get force and depth into the shot.

This is all we have for you regarding the forehand and backhand tennis technique. Do practice these shots on the court and evolve into a great tennis player.

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