Amazing Tennis Courts -

Amazing Tennis Courts

The World's Most Amazing Tennis Courts

Tennis undeniably is an exhilarating sport. The thrill of an intense game of tennis is felt by both, the players and the audience alike. Here we’ve got some of the most fantastic tennis courts that you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Here’s a list of the most scenic tennis courts that will mesmerize you:

New York: Vanderbilt Tennis And Fitness Club

Vanderbilt Tennis Club was formerly an art gallery, which was then converted into a CBS recording studio. Later, in 1966, a 65-foot ski slope and two tennis courts were constructed. As of now, the Vanderbilt Tennis Club is open to the public. It consists of one regulation-sized indoor hardcourt, two automated practice courts, two practice lanes, and a fitness room.

The World's Most Amazing Tennis Courts
The World’s Most Amazing Tennis Courts

Newport, Rhode Island: International Tennis Hall Of Fame

It was these tennis courts where the US Open Championships started in 1881. On August 31, 1881, the first U.S. National Men’s Singles Championship was contested here.

As of today, there are 13 grass courts, 6 hard courts, and 1 clay court at the Hall of Fame Tennis Club. It is open to being played on by the members and players from all around the world. Much to everyone’s delight, this club is open to the public daily for court time and tennis lessons.

Alice Marble Tennis Courts

San Francisco’s Alice Marble Tennis Courts offer one of the most breath-taking views of California. Located at the top of Russian Hill and George Sterling Park, these offer views of the city that can leave one spellbound.

However, there’s even much more to do other than playing at these courts. You can stroll around the streets after dusk relishing coffee at one of the coffee shops. There are also unique boutiques worth giving a try.

The World's Most Amazing Tennis Courts
The World’s Most Amazing Tennis Courts

Isle Of Harris Scotland

This tennis court is burrowed among jagged cliffs and hills, with extensive views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also known as the most isolated tennis spot in the British Isles. This court was built in 1998 after a fundraising campaign by a local resident. Despite being so remote, the court continues to be used regularly. On top of all that, extensive fitness training is also conducted here.

Stoke Poges, UK: Stoke Park Hotel

The tennis court of Stoke Park Hotel: UK, boasts of 13 grass, clay, and indoor courts. One of the main attractions is the Smart Court System. Smart Court uses 3D Visualisation technology to revolutionize the Tennis Experience.

If you are a die-hard fan of Tennis, then this court would be a precious addition to your bucket list.

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