Legend Andre Agassi


The mere mention of the name of Andre brings before you the neon-haired tennis hero. This legendary American professional player took the tennis world by storm with his game. If you track his career graph you will see that he matured as a player and as a person with each passing year.

There are many things that we can learn from Agassi the superstar. Let us have a look at his career.

 Setbacks Can Be Stepping Stones

By the time he was 18 years old, this American was world no 3. He had bagged 6 titles by 1998. But this was not easy. He first reached semi-finals of Wimbledon and the US Open. Next year he reached the finals of Wimbledon. But sadly he lost the finals. In the same year, he managed to reach the finals of US open. But again he lost the finals. Again he lost the Wimbledon finals in the following year.

But Agassi did not give up. He learned lessons from these failures. Finally, he became a Grand Slam Champion. He lost three Grand Slam finals in a row. At last, in the year 1992, he managed to win the Wimbledon title.

This Is What You Can Learn From The Legend Andre Agassi
This Is What You Can Learn From The Legend Andre Agassi

Believe In Yourself And Not In The Rankings

People tend to take rankings very seriously. If they go down in the ranking then they tend to lose focus. But Andre is a different kind of a person. He had to undergo a wrist surgery in the year 1993. Due to this, he had to lose ATP points. As a result, he had to participate in the US Open as an unseeded player. But in the last three rounds, he did not lose a single set. He entered the finals of the US Open. He beat Michael Stich in the finals and bagged the coveted Grand Slam title.

One Has To Accept Reality

Agassi went through a professional crisis in the year 1997. He slipped down in the rankings. But this man decided that it was time to accept the truth. It was time to change the approach. He did that. In order to get back his confidence, he did not hesitate to take part in challenger events. He lost one of the events and he won in the second one. With these small steps, he finally regained his confidence and was once again that same determined player. He managed to do this as he accepted the reality of life.

This Is What You Can Learn From The Legend Andre Agassi
This Is What You Can Learn From The Legend Andre Agassi

Duty Towards The Society

Your human side is not displayed from your professional career graph. For this, you have to show if you are willing to work for the interests of the community and for the downtrodden. This man is known for his charity events. He founded the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation in 1994 which has raised millions of dollars for the less fortunate.

As you can see this legend has truly set an example for people. There are many life lessons that we can learn from him.