Top 4 Things Going On With French Open Tennis

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The French Open tennis 2020 recently took place, and the world has been in awe since then. This year’s tournament was very different due to the pandemic outbreak. This year was proven significant for some players, and some players could not participate owing to the restrictions imposed in different nations. Let us look at some of the news related to the French Open tennis tournament, which has

maintained its place in the headlines.

1. Rafael Nadal’s Net worth

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In terms of title, Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal is regarded as the most successful and renowned players in the world, tied with Roger Federer. He completed his 20 Grand Slam titles equalling Roger Federer’s record. He was recently ranked as the 27 highest paid sporting personalities in the world by Forbes. He successfully marked his 13th win by defeating Novak Djokovic in men’s singles this year.

2. Near-Invincible Djokovic, Dream 20th For Nadal, Breakthrough For Thiem:

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Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open and ended the year as world No one despite new ranking parameters. Second-ranked Rafael Nadal reigned supreme at Roland Garros despite the schedule, season, court, and balls changing. Roger Federer played just one tournament this year. He needed two surgical procedures but still kept his record of reaching at least one Grand Slam semi-final intact.

3. Iga Swiatek Life After French Open Triumph:

French Open 2020 champ Iga Swiatek amused the world when she won in Paris. She made a number of records and also became the first Polish player to win a Grand Slam title. She said, After the French Open, I am recognized more for sure, especially in Poland, because I am kind of popular here right now

4. Andy Murray And Gael Monfils Revealed Defeating Rafael Nadal

It is the Biggest Challenge of the Sport. On being asked about Rafael Nadal’s record-breaking performance, Andy Murray had a lot to say. “We have played at that level, at the top of the game, for many years. The French Open is a tough tournament to win; physically, it’s tough, mentally, it’s very demanding, and I don’t see that happening again," Murray said. “I don’t see that being broken, certainly not in my lifetime. It’s incredible what he has done there. And also how easily he has done it as well. It’s just been effortless. That was very impressive, Murray said. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic each have a surface where they are simply best at the game. Murray also mentioned the challenge of playing the Federer game on grass. However, he also explained the challenge of playing Nadal on the Parisian clay surface as the biggest challenge.


The most significant flex of this year’s tournament, apart from the interrupted pandemic, was the big win of Rafael Nadal on being a 20th time Grand Slam holder. Also, Iga Swiates first-ever title win from Poland.

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