Types Of Tennis Match And Techniques

Tennis Players mostly considered as an artist. One can get the innumerable technique for this amazing game. Here are some of its types.

1. Longest Match:

In 2010, John Isner and Nicolas Mahut played each other in the first round of Wimbledon. The match lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes and spanned three days. Back and forth, they dealt strong serve after strong serve. They did this until Isner finally ended the battle and walked away with the victory.

2. Shortest Tennis Match:

Almost 100 years ago, the shortest match happened in 1922. During the Wimbledon Final between Suzanne Lenglen and Molla Mallory. The game ended after just 23 minutes when Lenglen beat out Mallory after the former took two games!

3. Fastest ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Serve:

 Aussie Samuel Groth served The fasted serve recorded in ATP history . and he registered at 163.4 mph. Groth has not remained an enormous name since, but that’s one heck of a serve!

4. Fastest WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) Serve:

This record goes to Sabine Lisicki from Germany. Her serve at the Bank of the West Classic back in 2014 registered at 131 mph, better than most tennis players (male and female!)

5. ATP and WTA Hard Court Titles:

American Chris Evert takes the cake for most hard court titles – she claimed 53! Coming in second is Andre Agassi – another American – with 40 medals.

6. ATP and WTA Clay Court Titles:

 Christ Evert held Another record. She claimed 66 clay-court titles.  Moreover, she claimed the position of the most dominant tennis player on both hard and clay courts!

Types Of Tennis Match And Techniques
Types Of Tennis Match And Techniques

Oldest Players Of Tennis

The oldest man in this game is currently Ivo Karlovic from Croatia, at 36 years old. He is also the tallest player standing at 6’11″. The most aged woman in tennis is 44-year-old Kimiko Date-Krumm from Japan. Initially retiring back in 1996, she came back to the game in 2008 and played as well as ever!

Technique To Play This Game

 Your technique has to be kind to play well and stay injury-free. Either ask someone to check your method. It has to be someone who knows well about the tennis game. Don’t ask anyone for vague tips; vague tips can be fatal for your game) or refer to videos on the net.

All YouTubers who teach tennis are tremendous, but you will benefit if you follow one person and not all. Choose one online coach and see all his videos at the rate of around one per day. You refer to Tom, a famous T player on youtube. He is damn good! The technique has to be very good. Especially your serve and backhand should be appropriate. Since forehand is easy, we suggest you refer to a coach for the method.

Types Of Tennis Match And Techniques
Types Of Tennis Match And Techniques

Here are a few examples of bad techniques:

1. Your arms are too close to your chest while hitting, which results in you having to cramp for space.

2. Wrists are hurting, or vibrations are troubling.

3. Shots are going long very frequently.

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