Types Of Tennis Rackets Used In The Game

A person hitting a ball with a racket

In the game of tennis, the racket acts as a medium between the player and the ball. They have gradually evolved to meet the demands of a wide variety of tennis players. They range from beginners to professionals and from children to adults. Control and power are the most critical components of racket design. Greater power increases the speed of a game, while greater control lends the precision to hit a winning shot.

Types Of Tennis Rackets

 The three most common types of tennis rackets are:

Power Rackets

Power rackets help the player to hit the ball more forcefully with lesser effort. As a result, these tennis rackets are recommended for beginners. This is because they have not yet developed the proper technique, form, and skill to generate their own power.

However, this racket can also be an excellent choice for smaller players or men and women who don’t have a lot of strength.

Control Rackets

Control rackets (often referred to as players rackets) are the opposite of power rackets. This category of tennis rackets rely on players to generate the power they require, but in exchange to provide control and stability to aim the ball more precisely.

The players are required to develop the necessary technique, form, and skill required to generate their own power when needed. For this reason, control rackets are the category of rackets that many seasoned and professional tennis players use in their matches.

Tweener (In Between)Rackets

Tweener tennis rackets are a category of rackets that fall somewhere in between the power and control rackets. As a result, these rackets tend to be great all-around rackets that provide a wide range of players with a blend of power and control.

This type of racket is suited for recreational players as well as beginners, who are looking for a bit more control.

The Best Out Of All

One should analyze their skills, ask for recommendations from friends or better a coach. This will help them purchase the type of tennis racket that best compliments their game.

You must try and avoid the temptation of going out and purchasing a tennis racket on a whim. Instead, try to borrow a tennis racket from a friend when you’re getting started – about anything will do. Most rackets are relatively expensive, so you should purchase something that gives better results on the court.

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