Venus Williams Tennis News – Know The Hidden Skincare Secrets Of This Tennis Player

venus williams tennis news

Venus Williams is a renowned American tennis player and founder of her interior designing company and activewear clothing line. She is in her early 40s, but her spot-free and radiant skin grab her everyone’s attention. Recently, she revealed her skincare secrets which are also included in the Venus Williams tennis news.

Venus Williams still follows traditional skincare secrets and understands the importance of keeping her skin in top-notch condition. She always wears sunscreen under her makeup while playing matches.

The entrepreneur and successful tennis player always takes care of her body from head to toe. As a result, we’ll also share her skincare secrets with all the readers.

She Uses An Daily Face Cleanser That Comes From Caribbean Island

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Venus claimed that she is always interested in buying local products whenever she travels for matches and other official purposes. According to her, she keeps trying different skincare products from multiple countries. As a result, she found a fantastic daily cleanser by the Caribbean Blue company, a St. Lucia-based brand.

St. Lucia is actually a Caribbean island where she discovered this fantastic facial cleanser. Her facial cleanser consists of organic green tea, which keeps her skin fresh, healthy, glowing, and balanced. Over the years, her color tone has also lightened because the tea tree reduces extreme tanning from the face.

Well, Venus Williams didn’t share much about how her skin tone got lighten rapidly, but we think green tea is the secret behind her radiant skin.

Sunscreen Is The Best Friend Of Venus Williams

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Venus entered the professional tennis court at an early age and understood the importance of sunscreen. Initially, in her younger days, she thought sunscreen is not for her. As she started getting older, her skin tone began to degrade, and later Venus used sunscreen under her makeup.

Believe it or not, she is too much closer to sunscreens. Due to this, she launched her own sunscreen, present in the activewear line. Along with the sunscreen, she sometimes uses a separate sunscreen serum, depending on the weather and location.

Venus Williams Is Very Particular About Skin Exfoliation

Venus was always particular about her skin health and stayed away from commercial skin care treatments. Whatever traditional skincare products and tips are suggested by her mom, she follows them since her teenage. On every alternate day, she uses a body or face brush for scrubbing her body.

She encourages all the athletes to adopt dry brushing in their daily skincare routine. Dry brushing reduces inflammation, eliminates dead skin cells easily, and improves blood circulation.

Even if you’re not an athlete, dry brushing is always advantageous for your skin health. Try dry brushing for 30 days, and you’ll see results on your body.

Final Words

These were some skincare secrets of the famous tennis player also included in the Venus Williams tennis news. In our opinion, if you follow her skincare routine, most probably you’ll get rid of your skin-related issues. DON’T FORGET; she is very particular about her diet and hits the cardio routines regularly.

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