What Are The Best Tennis Skills?


Tennis is not just about power and stamina. The game involves a lot of creativity and artistry. The best players use their tennis skills during the match with a lot of precision and perfection.  The drop shot, the lob, accurately played forehand and backhand, are some of the best tennis skills to name a few. In this article, we look at the most important skills that tennis players need to develop. We will also see how these skills and expertise can help you in the mid of big matches. 

Technique and Foot Work: Tennis Skills

What Are the Best Tennis Skills?
What Are The Best Tennis Skills?

Tennis can be an injury-prone sport if not played the correct way. It involves a lot of power hitting and exhaustive rallies that take the energy out of a player. The best tennis skills include developing a sharp technique to play each shot. Hence, your posture and pronation during the service are important. And so is the body position during a rally and attacking shots. A great tennis technique not only improves your game but also reduces the chances of injuries. 

Great footwork is one of the best tennis skills a player can have. This makes it easy to cover the court and defend the opponent’s shots. Many great players like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are well known for their fast feet movement on the court. The opponents thus take an extra bit of risk against such players. Therefore, this often induces an unforced error from the opponent while trying to do a bit more. Great movements on the court are one of the keys to success there. 

Mental Fortitude and Resilience

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What Are The Best Tennis Skills?

The great Martina Navratilova often used to say, ’’tennis is played as much in the mind as on the court’’. So, mental resilience is one of the most underrated but best tennis skills all players need to polish. This is often what distinguishes a mediocre player from a champion. The ability to never give up on the court when pushed to the limits, as well as often come out of impossible situations, are great options. 

Resilience also helps the players to come back after injuries and rehabilitation. This is probably one of the greatest tennis skills. Rafael Nadal is always praised for his resilience. It also assists this great Spanish player to register impressive comebacks even after so many injuries. Furthermore, this quality is helping the players on the court, in intense matches, and long practice sessions.

Improving Your Game Constantly

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What Are The Best Tennis Skills?

A great saying goes, ‘’once you learn how to learn, you also learn how to win’’. This is also one of the most important and best tennis skills for professional players. Thus, one needs to constantly improve and evolve his game to ensure regular progress. Great tennis players never take anything in their game for granted. So, they analyze their weakness and strengths to try to ameliorate them further. 

Improving your game also adds diversity to it. Making your serve better, correcting your forehand, putting more topspin on the ball, are some of the best tennis skills to learn. Pete Sampras used to say, ’’tennis is all about how much you are willing to learn on and off the court. This makes to constantly evolve as a player.’’ Perhaps this itself highlights the need to continually improve the game.