Wholesale Tennis Gear- Know The Types

wholesale tennis gear

Tennis is a popular game played among two players or two pairs of players in a rectangular court with fixed boundaries. Racquet, ball, shoes, and a dress code are important gears for the game and player. Aside from player needs, the court needs a net to separate the playing field of every player. These pieces of equipment are mentioned below.

Head Tour Team Combi Bag

Head tour team combi bag may be a specialized tennis bag. The good things to mention about this tennis bag. It has three compartments, two main ones here so you will hold three racquets each which can be complete of six tennis racquets if you would like. In another compartment, you will get a boatload of tennis balls and other stuff. It also got another compartment which is simply a little compartment. You will hold some small things, like a wallet, phone and etc.


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The 2015 Wilson blade 98(18*20) racquet may be an excellent racquet. The top Graphene Radical Pro is additionally an excellent racquet. Both these racquets are really specialized. The Wilson blade 98 (18*20) got pinpoint accuracy. You will place the ball wherever you will want with this racquet. The strings that they used, the strain that swings, and therefore the racquet speed that it generates are fine.

Tennis Shoes

The shoes you will use on a daily basis is the Adidas barricade 2015. These are really great comfortable shoes. These shoes have great stability, great durability. The outsole of those shoes is just about intact. Just trainers don’t provide enough lateral support to players. Tennis shoes are designed to offer players better stability and stop them from sliding while moving sideways. Shoes should not damage the court when players move briskly across the court.

Tennis Balls

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Tennis balls generally are yellow-colored spherical balls, with a diameter between 2.5 and 2.6 inches. They weigh between 2 and 21/16 ounces. Pressurized rubber is employed to form semi-spherical half-shells. They are then joined with compressed gas between them. Spherical balls are coated with bright yellow colored felt. Kids aged ten and under play with different colored balls. They move slower, bounce lower. They are also softer and bigger and are easy for teenagers to hit.

Wristbands and Headbands

Wrist bands are worn around wrists to stop sweat from wetting the players’ palms or the racket. A wet grip won’t be strong. Headbands are worn to absorb sweat. They also tie the player’s hair far away from their face. Any tight cap made from absorbent also can be used rather than a headscarf.


Men wear T-Shirts or shirts made from materials like polyester that doesn’t absorb sweat and keeps the player cool. They wear shorts that don’t cover their knees. And women are suggested to wear just any comfortable dress. Lately, many Tennis champions attempt to make a method statement with their carefully designed clothes. Many players prefer wearing a shirt or a T-shirt on a brief skirt.

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